Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Liesa Weaver

Assistant Professor of Education and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership
(601) 318-6626

Susan Whitcomb

Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6557

Tammie Brown

Associate Professor of Education; Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
(601) 318-6603

Barry Morris

Associate Professor of Education
(601) 318-6587

Patricia Ward

Associate Professor of Education
(601) 318-6191

Candice Aycock

Part-time Instructor of Education

James Coleman

Catalog and Systems Librarian/Instructor of Education
(601) 318-6783

Joseph Hartfield

Instructor of Physical Education

Patrivan Yuen

Technical Services/Systems Librarian and Instructor of Education
(601) 318-6781

Read Diket

Professor of Art and Education/Director of Center for Creative Scholars
(601) 318-6205

June Hornsby

Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching
(601) 318-6140

Jeannie Lockley

Professor of Education
(601) 318-6611

Charlotte McShea

Professor of Mathematics and Education
(601) 318-6173

Willie Pierce

Professor of Higher Education Administration
(601) 318-6085

Tina Bond

Administrative Assistant to the School of Education
(601) 318-6091

Earline Herrin

Administrative Assistant to the School of Education
(601) 318-6139

Cynthia Smith

Secretary to the School of Education
(601) 318-6600

Tim Glaze

Assistant Professor of Religion/Director of the Baptist Student Union
(601) 318-6386

Brett Golson

Chair Christian Ministries; Assistant Professor of Religion
(601) 318-6431

Edison Williams

Instructor of Philosophy and Language and Literature
(601) 318-6445

Dan Browning

Professor of Religion
(601) 318-6156

Carol Baker

Administrative Assistant for Winters School of Ministry Studies
(601) 318-6115

Jim Armstrong

Assistant Professor of Music
(601) 318-6476

Wesley Dykes

Assistant Professor of Music and Coordinator of Instrumental Music
(601) 318-6053

Jeremy Morgan

Assistant Professor of Music
(601) 318-6461