Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Tammy Adams

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Student Accounts Representative and Administrative Assistant for the Business Office
(601) 318-6574

Greyson Adkins

Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Andrews

Director of Information Technology; Lecturer in Business
(601) 318-6741

Nicole Aranda

Instructor of Library Services and Public Services Librarian
(601) 318-6787

Jim Armstrong

Assistant Professor of Music
(601) 318-6476

Phyllis Armstrong

Assistant Professor of Education
(601) 318-6142

Robert Bailey, D.O.

Assistant Professor of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (Neuroscience, Family Medicine, and OP&P)
(601) 318-6523

Carol Baker

Administrative Assistant for Winters School of Ministry Studies
(601) 318-6115

Jenna Barton

Instructor of Nursing
(601) 318-6490

Robert C. Bateman, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor of Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry) and Associate Dean, Research
(601) 318-6016

Frank Baugh

Assistant Professor of Psychology; Dean of the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences; Graduate Dean
(601) 318-6586

Derek Belk

Computer/Network Technician
(601) 318-6203

Bradley Bell


Jessica Bell

(601) 318-6155

Juantez Beverly

(601) 318-6155

Michael Bishop


Deborah Blackwell

Records Specialist
(601) 318-6194

Alex Blevins

Part-Time Carpenter's Apprentice
(601) 318-6155

Bob Blevins

Director of Facilities, Grounds and Maintenance
(601) 318-6155

Tina Bond

Administrative Assistant to the School of Education
(601) 318-6091

Betty Boney

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist for Nursing
(601) 318-6178

Allen Bonner

(601) 318-6211

Nigel Boulton

Head Coach, Men's Soccer
(601) 318-6401

Laine Bourdene

Coordinator of ELC, Dual-Credit, and QEP Programs and Services; Instructor of Anthropology
(601) 318-6580

Rachel Bradley

(601) 318-6155