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Below are a series of public domain images that may be of interest.
Photographs are by Ronald Ellis.

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The Durga Puja Festival takes place in Calcutta every October for 5 days.

In the very early morning, processions carry banana palms to the river, accompanied by drums.

At night, illuminated pandals (made from bamboo and fabric) are erected along the Chitpore Road. Life-size figures of Durga set in religious scenes are clothed, decorated and illuminated by community groups for all to come and see. Drums and cymbals are played in front of them.

The streets are illuminated and it is a time for families to come together and to enjoy the festivities until late into the night.

On the last night the figures of Durga (made from Hooghly mud) are returned to the river. They are immersed and left to float away and dissolve.


A sound clip (recorded concurrently with the photographs) starts with the sound of drums accompanying the banana palms to the Hooghly, followed by drums in the various pandals. Finally, the sound of crowds flocking across the Maidan to witness the immersion of the figures of Durga in the Hooghly.


For more information on the Hindu Festival of Durga Puja go to durga-puja.org and bangalinet.com.


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