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Below are a series of public domain images that may be of interest.
The postcards date from the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th centuries. They were purchased at postcard and antiques fairs in Nottingham and Derby.

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1. An indigo factory.

2. A farm near Calcutta.

3. A homestead near Calcutta.

4. An Indian Bungalow.

5. A Hindu Burning Ghat and Temple.

6. Durga of the Durga Puja Festival.

7. Bathing at Kali Ghat. The river is Tolley's Nullah.

8. Kali Ghat Temple, Calcutta.

9. The Jain Temple, Calcutta.

10. Government House, Calcutta, photographed from the Ochterlony Monument.

11. Government House, Calcutta, photographed from the roof of the Great Eastern Hotel.

12. The main entrance to Government House, Calcutta.

13. The Throne Room, Government House, Calcutta.

14. Warren Hastings' House, Alipore, Calcutta. It now houses the National Library of India.

15. The site of the Black Hole of Calcutt on the Eastern side of Dalhousie Square.
For an account of the events of that night go to Glossary A-M.

16. The re-built Victorian Writer's Building, Dalhousie Square.
For a description of an East India Company Writer go to Glossary N-Z.

17. St Andrew's Church, Dalhousie Square, Calcutta.

18. The view south, across the Maidan, to the re-built Fort William.

19. The view north towards Serampore.

20. Bow Bazaar, Calcutta.

21. A painting of the Chitpore Road.

22. Sudder Street, Calcutta.

23. A palanquin, Calcutta. The missionaries usual method of travel around the country.

24. The Avenue of Palms, Botanical Gardens, Shibpur.

25. The temples of Jagaunath, Orissa.

26. A water colour painting of Benares (Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh.

27. The Burning Ghat, Benares (Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh.


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