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1769 | 20th October | William Ward was born in Derby.

1774 | 24th August | The Quaker Abiah Derby takes an evangelical meeting at Derby Town Hall at which William's mother is present.

1782 | Thursday, 28th November | An advertisement appears in the 'Derby Mercury' advertising for an apprentice.

1789 | 31st May | The first General Baptist sermon in Derby was delivered in the open air, on Willow Row, by Rev. Dan Taylor.

1792 | Wednesday, 30th May, at 10.30am | William Carey preached the Missionary Sermon that founded the Baptist Missionary Society at Friar Lane Baptist Church, Nottingham. "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God."

1793 | 31st March | William Ward met William Carey for the first time in London.

1795 | 3rd January | The first issue of the 'Staffordshire Advertiser'.

1796 | 2nd January | An article appears in the 'Hull Advertiser' announcing the appointment of a new editor.

1796 | 28th August | William Ward was baptised at George Street Baptist Church, Hull.

1797 | August | Ward was sent by Mr. Fishwick, to Ewood Hall, Mytholmroyd, near Halifax, Yorkshire.

1798 | Autumn | A member of the Baptist Mission Committee visits Ewood Hall.

1798 | 20th September | Ward's letter of application is considered by the Committee in Northampton.

1798 | 19th December | Ward leaves Ewood Hall for Cannon Street, Birmingham.

1799 | March | Ward Stays at Cannon Street until March.

1799 | 7th May | Together with Mr. Brunsdon, Ward is 'set apart to the work of a Christian missionary'.

1799 | 24th May | Ward embarks on the American sailing ship 'Criterion'.

1799 | 27th May | The 'Criterion' sails from Gravesend for India.

1799 | 13th October | Ward arrives at Serampore

1799 | 14th October | The missionaries visit the Governor of Serampore, Colonel Bie.

1799 | 3rd November | A letter arrives from Carey saying he is unwilling to abandon Kidderpore.

1799 | 1st December | Ward meets Carey at Kidderpore.

1800 | 10th January | Carey arrives at Serampore.

1800 | 11th January | Carey waits on the Governor.

1800 | Within a week a house and premises were found for the Mission.

1800 | 18th March | The first proof sheets of the Bengali New Testament came off the presses of the Printing Office.

1800 | 24th April | The missionaries celebrate a day of thanksgiving.

1800 | 20th August | Mr. Fountain dies.

1800 | 21st October | Ward preached in Bengali for the first time.

1800 | 12th December | Krishna-Pal and Gakool ate tiffin with the missionaries and thus renounced caste.

1800 | 28th December | Krishna-Pal, the first Hindu convert is baptised.

1801 | Early | Joyminee, the first female Hindu convert is baptised.

1801 | 7th February | The last proofs of the Bengali New Testament came off the press at the Printing Office

1801 | 7th February | Carey was appointed Professor of Bengali at Fort William College.

1801 | 8th May | A detachment of British troops sequestre Serampore.

1801 | 3rd July | Mr. Brunsdon dies.

1801 | 13th October | Mr. Thomas dies at Dinagepore

1802 | The first Sunday | Petumber Singh, the first convert from a tract produced by the Printing Office was baptised.

1803 | The start of | The first Brahmin was baptised.

1803 | The beginning of | The Deva Nagree alphabet, with its 700 characters, was set in type for the first time.

1803 | 23rd January | The missionaries hired a room in Calcutta and held their first service there.

1803 | 10th May | William Ward and Mrs. Fountain (formerly Miss. Tidd and widow of Mr. Fountain) were married at the Mission House.

1803 | April | Mr. Brown, the senior Calcutta chaplain, purchased a house at Serampore called 'Alldeen'.

1803 | 4th May | The first Bengali Christian marriage was celebrated.

1803 | The end of | Ward visits Dinagepore for the sake of his health. He preached and delivered tracts, returning to Serampore on 16th December.

1804 | 1st January | Ward drew up a prospectus for the Bow Bazaar Chapel.

1804 | The close of | The first Sanskrit work ever printed, the 'Heetopadesh', was published by the Printing Office.

1805 | November | Ward went to Jessore to procure land for a missionary settlement.

1806 | March | The grounds for the Bow Bazaar chapel were purchased at a cost of 7,250 rupees.

1806 | 1st June | Ward preached the first sermon in a mat house, or shed in the centre of the site.

1806 | 23rd August | Captain Wickes in the 'Criterion' anchored off Calcutta with two new missionaries.

1807 | 25th January | Ward opened the little chapel on the Chitpore Road.

1807 | June | The first sheet of the Sanskrit New Testament came off the press at Serampore.

1807 | 2nd September | Carey was required to attend the office of the Chief Secretary regarding a pamphlet containing strictures on Mohammedanism and its founder.

1807 | 6th September | Mr. Blacquiere sent his spy to watch the proceedings of the missionaries at the little chapel on the Chitpore Road.

1807 | 11th September | An order was received in Serampore from Lord Minto to remove the Printing Office to Calcutta.

1807 | 1st October | The Serampore missionaries sent a memorial to Lord Minto.

1808 | 4th January | Serampore is occupied again by the British.

1809 | 1st January | The chapel in Bow Bazaar was opened by Carey.

1810 | Towards the close of | Ward published the first edition of his work on the 'History, Literature and Mythology of the Hindoos, include a minute description of their manners and customs, and translations from their principle works'. (John Clark Marshman previously mentioned that the first volume was 'put to press' in 1807. Stennett puts the date of first publication at 1806.)

1812 | 11th March | The printing office was totally consumed by fire

1812 | March | Ward's 'dear, dear child Mary' dies.

1812 | 17th June | Dr. Judson and his companion Mr. Newell, arrived in Calcutta from America.

1812 | 6th September | William Ward baptised Adoniram Judson and his wife Ann (known as Nancy) at Serampore.

1812 | 29th September | The Committee of the Baptist Missionary Society sanctioned the modification of their constitution.

1812 | 1st November | William Ward baptised Luther Rice at Serampore.

1813 | 22nd June | William Wilberforce made his magnificent speech in the House of Commons during the debate on the Charter Act.

1813 | April | The missionaries received official information of the modification of the constitution of the Baptist Missionary Society.

1813 | 3rd July | The Charter Act passed the third reading and became law.

1814 | 1st August | Eustace Carey, William Carey's nephew, arrived in Calcutta.

1814 | December | Ward wrote of his wife's illness and that his daughter Amelia had lost the sight in one eye.

1815 | Ward published a second edition of 'History, Literature and Mythology of the Hindoos'. Abridged, improved, and in one volume.

1815 | Summer | Mrs. Ward embarked for England, with her eldest daughter, on account of her health.

1815 | September | Eustace Carey and Mr. Lawson remove to Calcutta and they were appointed pastors at The Bow Bazaar chapel.

1815 | 27th November | The Governor-General, Lord Hastings, visited the missionary establishment at Serampore.

1815 | Within 3 weeks of Lord Hastings visit | Serampore was restored to the Danish authorities.

1816 | Joshua Marshman drew up a pamphlet called 'Hints relative to native schools, together with an outline for an institution for their extension and management'.

1816 | 31st December | A Special Committee of the Baptist Missionary Society resolved that the property at Serampore should be vested in 8 trustees in India.

1817 | 24th June | The birth of the General Baptist Missionary Society, at Castle Donington, Leicestershire.

1817 | 25th August | Mrs. Ward arrived back in Serampore in renovated health. With her was Mr. William H. Pearce with the proposals of the Special Committee.

1817 | 15th September | The Serampore missionaries send a letter repudiating the demands of the Special Committee.

1818 | At the beginning of | Ward advised to to take a river trip on account of his health and visits Chittagong, Dacca, and Nuddea.

1818 | April | The missionaries commenced an English monthly magazine to which Marshman gave the title 'Friend of India'.

1818 | May | Ward landed in England.

1818 | 31st May | The first newspaper printed in any oriental language was issued from the Serampore press. It was called the 'Samachar Durpun', or the 'Mirror of News'.

1818 | 15th July | The Serampore missionaries issued the prospectus of a 'College for the instruction for the Asiatic, Christian, and other youth, in Eastern literature and European science'.

1818 | August | The Serampore missionaries issue the first report on the preliminary arrangements for the administration of students and the regulation of the classes.

1818 | August | Ward visits the sanatorium at Cheltenham on account of his health.

1818 | November | Mr. Nathaniel Ward accompanies Sir Stamford Raffles to Bencoolen.

1818 | 13th December | Ward embarked for England and Joshua Marshman took his place at the Printing Office.

1818| At the close of the year | The missionaries in Calcutta retired from the church over which Carey and his colleagues presided and formed a separate church and congregation.

1819 | At the end of | After reviewing all the correspondence between Fuller and the Serampore missionaries, the Baptist Missionary Society embody their conclusions in a series of resolutions.

1820 | 27th March | The first steam engine ever erected in India begins operation at Serampore.

1820 | July | A meeting is held in Calcutta between the Senior and Junior Brethren.

Ward visits Holland for 3 weeks.

1820 | Ward travels to America and travels the country for three months.

1821 | May | Ward embarks for India with John Mack and Hannah Marshman.

1821 | 20th October | Ward returns to Serampore.

1823 | Wednesday, 5th March | Ward preaches his last sermon in the Mission Chapel at Serampore.

1823 | Friday, 7th March | William Ward dies of cholera at Serampore.

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