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Below are a series of public domain images that may be of interest.
The photographs of Serampore are by Rev. Peter Shepherd of Broadway Baptist Church, Derby and were taken in February 2003. Maps and drawings are by Ronald Ellis. The photographs indicated by an asterisk are those taken by Rev. Peter Shepherd. If used they will need to be credited.

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1. A map of part of Serampore, based on one drawn in the middle of the 19th century.

2. An artist's impression of the Serampore Printing Office before the fire of 1811. The 3D drawing is based on a description by John Clark Marshman.

3*. The memorial to the baptism of the first Hindu convert, Serampore.

4. An old BMS postcard of Serampore College.

5*. Serampore College.

6*. The cast-iron main gates of Serampore College.

7*. Carey's desk, Carey Museum, Serampore College.

8*. Carey's pulpit, Carey Museum, Serampore College.

9*. One of two cast-iron staircases in the entrance hall of Serampore College.

10*. Carey's Botanical Garden, Serampore College.

11*. The first map of India in an Indian language, Carey Museum, Serampore College.

12*. Left to right, William Ward's chair, Hannah Marshman's chair, Joshua Marshman's chair, Carey Museum, Serampore College.

13*. Carey's tomb, Serampore.

14*. The Inscription on Carey's tomb 'A wretched, poor and helpless worm, on thy kind arms I fall', Serampore.

15*. The Inscription on Joshua and Hannah Marshman's tomb, Serampore.

16*. A board listing the Principals of Serampore College.

17. An old BMS postcard of the Danish Lutheran Church, Serampore.

18. A modern interpretation of a map of the languages of India in the 1926 edition of 'William Carey', by S Pearce Carey.

19. A map of showing the missions established by 1815. Medium (72k).

20. A map of showing the missions established by 1815. Large (192k).

21. A map showing the American towns and cities Ward visited in 1821. Medium (140k).

22. A map showing the American towns and cities Ward visited in 1821. Large (276k).


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