The School of Education offers specialized concentrations: dyslexia therapy, educational leadership, elementary, emotional and behavioral disorders, English, gifted, health and recreation, higher education administration, instructional leadership, interscholastic athletic administration, mathematics, mild/moderate disabilities, physical education, secondary, and social science.

The School of Education serves to prepare confident, caring, and reflective educators within a Christian environment, from a liberal arts curriculum for both pre-service educators as well as advanced preparation for in-service educators.

Program Goals

  • Education is lifelong process;
  • Equal educational opportunities should be provided to all persons;
  • Students are unique individuals;
  • Teachers and leaders must reflect the needs of a diverse, technological and global society;
  • Effective instruction and leadership are based on best practice;
  • Educational leaders are committed to facilitating change.


The School of Education at William Carey University is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) www.caepnet.org. This accreditation covers initial teacher education and advanced education preparation programs at the Hattiesburg and Biloxi campuses. In October 2023, the William Carey University School of Education received full CAEP national accreditation for 9 initial licensure and 13 advanced licensure programs. This reflects the most accredited education programs for any university within the state of Mississippi. This Accreditation status is effective between Fall 2023 and Fall 2030. WCU continuously strives to provide high quality programs for our candidates as part of our efforts to improve educational outcomes for P12 students across Mississippi.


B.S. Elementary Education
B.S. Physical Education Licensure
B.S. Social Science Education
B.S. English Education
B.S. Mathematics Education
B.F.A. Music (Vocal)
B.F.A. Music (Instrumental)
M.Ed. - Elementary Education
M.Ed. - Mild and Moderate Disabilities
M.Ed. - Secondary Education
Dyslexia Therapy (M.Ed., Ed.S.)
Educational Leadership (M.Ed., Ed.S., Ed.D.)
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (M.Ed., Ed.S.)
Interscholastic Athletic Administration (M.Ed., Ed.S.)
Gifted Education (M.Ed.)
Mild and Moderate Disabilities (M.Ed.)
School Counselor (M.Ed.)
School Psychometry (M.Ed.)

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