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Carey, William and Felix Carey.  "An Account of the Funeral Ceremonies of a Burman Priest."  Asiatick Researches, 12 (1818):186-190.

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Fleming, John, M.D. [and William Carey, D.D.].  "A Catalogue of Indian Medicinal Plants and Drugs, with Their Names in the Hindustani and Sanscrit Languages."  Asiatic Researches, 11 (London: Printed for J. Cuthell et al., 1812), pp. 153-96.

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The association of John Fleming, M.D., and William Carey, D.D., is of interest and reviewed in the following article:

James Prinsep, ed.  "Proceedings of the Asiatic Society, Wednesday Evening, July 2, 1834." The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.  3 (January-December 1834):303-304.

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