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**[D. 6. 44] Adams, Amos. The Pleasures Peculiar to the Ministerial Life Pointed Out : in a Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Revd. Mr. Jonathan Moore, to the Pastoral Care of the First Church in Rochester; (Colleague with the Revd. Mr. Ruggles.) Boston, New England : Printed and sold by Kneeland and Adams, at their printing-office in Milk-Street., 1768.

*Allein, Richard. The World Conquered, or a Believers Victory over the World. Laid Open in Several Sermons on I John 5:4. By R. A. London: n. p., 1668.

*Allen, David L.  The Extent of the Atonement: A Historical and Critical Review.  Nashville: B & H Academic, 2018.

Part Two in this book covers "The Extent of the Atonement in the Baptist Tradition."  English Baptists inclusive of Carey receive a fifty-five page chapter.

-Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

*Allestree, Richard. The Whole Duty of Man. Necessary for All Families. With Private Devotions for Several Occasions. [London?: 1752].

*Ambrose, Isaac. Looking Unto Jesus: A View of the Everlasting Gospel; Or, the Soul's Eying of Jesus, As Carrying on the Great Work of Man's Salvation, from First to Last. By Isaac Ambrose, Minister of the Gospel.  Glasgow: Printed by John Robertson, Sold at his Shop, Salt-Mercat, [ca. 1750].

*Ambrose, Isaac. Looking Unto Jesus: A View of the Everlasting Gospel; Or, the Soul's Eying of Jesus, As Carrying on the Great Work of Man's Salvation, from First to Last. By Isaac Ambrose, Minister of the Gospel.  Belfast: Printed by and for James Magee at the Bible and Crown in Bridge-Street, 1763 [electronic edition].

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**[C. 1. 4]__________. The Works of the Late Reverend and Learned William Bates ... : to Which are Added, Two Discourses Never Before Published ... : also Some account of the Author's Life and Character, in a Funeral Sermon Preach'd by the Reverend Mr. Howe : with an Alphabetical Table to the Whole. London : Printed for B. Aylmer ... and J. Robinson ..., 1700.

*Baxter, Richard.  The Reasons of the  Christian Religion.  The First Part, of Godliness . . . The Second Part, of Christianity.  London: R. White, 1667 [electronic ed.].

*[Baxter, Richard.]  The Saints' Everlasting Rest, by the Rev. Richard Baxter.  Abridged by Benjamin Fawcett, A.M.  New York: American Tract Society, n.d.

Beattie, James. An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth. 1770. 

____________. Evidences of the Christian Religion. 2 vols. 1786.

____________. Elements of Moral Science. 2 vols. 1790-1793.

**[D. 1. 9] Bellamy, Joseph. True Religion Delineated or, Experimental Religion, as Distinguished from Formality on the One Hand, and Enthusiasm on the Other, Set in a Scriptural and Rational Light. In Two Discourses. In which Some of the Principal Errors both of the Arminians and Antinomians are Confuted, the Foundation and Superstructure of their Different Schemes Demolished, and the Truth as it is in Jesus, Explained and Proved. The Whole Adapted to the Weakest Capacities, and Designed for the Establishment, Comfort and Quickening of the People of God, in these Evil Times. By Joseph Bellamy, A.M. Minister of the Gospel at Bethlem in Connecticut. With a Preface by the Rev. Mr. Edwards. Boston : Printed and sold by S. Kneeland, in Queen-Street, 1750.

**[D. 6. 44] Bernard, Edward. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Carey. Boston:    1768.

*Berrow, Capel. Theological Dissertations, By Capel Berrow, A. M. Rector of Rossington, Northamptonshire; Lecturer of St. Bennet's and St. Peter's, Paul's Wharf; and Chaplain to the Honourable Society of Judges and Serjeants in Serjeants-Inn.  London: Printed for J. Dodsley in Pall-Mall, 1772.

*Bingham, Matthew C.  Orthodox Radicals: Baptist Identity in the English Revolution.  In Oxford Studies in Historical Theology.  Edited by Richard A. Muller.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2019.

Boehme, Jacob. The Third Book of the Authour being the Highe and Deepe Searching out of the Threefold Life of Man (or according to) The Three Principles, trans. John Sparrow. London:    , 1650.

_____________. Mysterium  Magnum, Or an Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. trans. John Ellistone. London:     , 1654.

*Bolton, Robert. Some Generall Directions for a Comfortable Walking with God : Delivered in the Lecture at Kettering in Northhamptonshire, with Enlargement ... London : Imprinted by J. Legatt, for E. Weaver, 1638.

The Center's copy lacks a title-page.

--Myron C. Noonkester

*____________. Mr. Bolton's Last and Learned Worke of the Foure Last Things, Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven. With his Assise-Sermons, and Notes on Justice Nicolls his Funerall.  Together with the Life and Death of the Authour. Published by E. B. And Re-viewed, with Marginall Notes, and an Alphabeticall Table Added Therunto.  Hereunto is Added the Sermon at M. Boltons Funerall, by M. Nic Estwick. The Fourth Edition. London: Printed by George Miller, Dwelling in the Black-Friers, 1639.

*_____________. Two Sermons Preached at Northampton at Two Severall Assises There.  The One in the Time of the Shrevalty of Sir Erasmus Dryden Baronet. Anno Domini, 1621. The Other in the Time of the Shrevalty of Sir Henry Robinson Knight, Anno Domini, 1629. By Robert Bolton Bachelour in Divinity, Late Minister of Broughton in Northampton-shire, and Sometimes Fellow of Brasen-nose College in Oxford. Published by E. B. London: Printed by George Miller dwelling in the Black-Fryers, 1639.

*_____________. A Cordiall for Christians in the Time of Affliction. Or, A Sermon Preached at Kettering Lecture by Master Robert Bolton, Bachelour of Divinity, and Sometimes Fellow of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford. Published by I. S. London: Printed by George Miller dwelling in the Blacke-Fryers, 1640.

*_____________. Instructions for a Right Comforting Afflicted Consciences: with Speciall Antidotes against Some Grievous Temptations. Delivered for the Most Part in the Lecture at Kettering in Northamptonshire. The Third Edition, Divided into Chapters, with a Table of Contents Annexed. London: Printed by Tho. Badger, for Tho. Weaver, 1640.

**[Y. 95-96] Boyle, Robert. A Defence of Natural and Revealed Religion: Being a Collection of the Sermons Preached at the Lecture Founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, esq.; (from the Year 1691 to the Year 1732). With the Additions and Amendments of the Several Authors, and General Indexes... 3 vols. London: Printed for D. Midwinter, 1739.

The Serampore copy lacks the third volume.

--Myron C, Noonkester

*Brainerd, David. An Abridgment of Mr. David Brainerd's Journal Among the Indians.  Or, the Rise and Progress of a Remarkable Work of Grace Among a Number of the Indians iu the Provinces of New-Jersey and Pennsylvania. London; Printed for John Oswald, 1748.

*____________. The Life of Rev. David Brainerd, Chiefly Extracted from his Diary. By President Edwards. Somewhat Abridged. Embracing, in the Chronological Order, Brainerd's Public Journal of the Most Successful Year of his Missionary Labors. The Evangelical Family Library, Vol. VII. New York: American Tract Society, No. 150 Nassau Street, D. Fanshaw, Printer, n. d.

*Brine, John.  A Discourse on the Prayer of Jabez; Containing the Substance of Several Sermons Preached Within Cripplegate.  Published at the Request of some who heard them.  London: Printed for Aaron Ward at the Kings Arms in Little Britain, 1736.

*____________.   A Treatise on Various Subjects. London: Printed for, and Sold by John Ward, at the Corner of Pope's Head Alley in Cornhill: and John Eynon, at a Print-Shop on the North Side of the Royal Exchange, 1750.

*____________.  God the Defence and Glory of his Church.  A Sermon Preach'd at Devonshire-Square On The Fifth of November To The Society, Who Support the Lord's-Day Evening Lecture, In that Place.  Published at the Request of some who heard it.  London: Printed for Aaron Ward at the King's Arms in Little-Britain, 1734.

*____________.  The Christian Religion Not Destitute of Arguments sufficient to support it.  In Answer to a Pamphlet, intitled, Christianity not founded on Argument, &cLondon: Printed, and sold by A. Ward, at the King's Arms in Little Britain, 1743.

*____________.  The Covenant of Grace opened: In a Sermon Occasioned by teh Death of Mrs. Margaret Busfield, Who Departed this Life, May 13th, 1734.  London: Printed for Aaron Ward at the King's Arms, in Little Britain, [1734].

*____________.  The Moral Law A Rule of Conduct to Believers, And its Various Uses to them Shewn. By the late Rev. John Brine. S. n.: [1785 or later].

The Center's copy is to be found in a volume of rare Baptist pamphlets from the 1780's.

--Myron C. Noonkester

*Brown, John. The Christian, the Student, and the Pastor, Exemplified; in the Lives of Mess. James Frazer, James Hogg, Thomas Halyburton, in Scotland; Owen Stockton, MAtthew Henry, Philip Doddridge, in England; Thomas Shepeherd, Cotton Mather, and Jonathan Edwards, in America. By John Brown, Minister of the Gospel at Haddington. Edinburgh: Printed by and for Gavin Alston, 1781.

Brownrigg, Ralph. Twenty-Five Sermons by the Right Reverend Father in God, Ralph Brownrigg, Late Bishop of Exeter. London:    , 1685.

*Bunyan, John.  The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That which is to come: Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream Wherein is Discovered, The manner of his setting out, His Dangerous Journey; And safe Arrival at the Desired Countrey.  London: Printed for Nath. Ponder at the Peacock in the Poultrey near Cornhil, 1678 [electronic edition].

*_____________.  The Pilgrim's Progress.  With Biographical Introduction by Edmund Venables (revised by Miss Mabel Peacock) and New Index.  Illustrated with 25 Drawings by George Cruikshank.  Oxford Edition.  London, New York, Toronto, and Melbourne: Henry Frowde, Oxford University Press, 1912 [electronic edition].

*_____________.  The Pilgrim's Progress.  Introduction by Hugh Ross Williamson.  In Collins New Classics.  Gen. ed. G. F. Maine.  London and Glasgow: Collins, 1953.

*[Bunyan] "Biographical Sketch of John Bunyan. Author of the 'Pilgrim's Progress,' &c." Scottish Christian Herald. 1 (1836): 290-296.

*Burgess, Daniel. Rules and Motives to Holy Prayer. By Daniel Burgess. London: Printed for Thomas Parkhurst at the Bible and Three Crowns near Mercers Chapel, 1696

*Burn, Richard.  Ecclesiastical Law.  In Two Volumes. London: Printed by H. Woodfall and W. Strahan, Law Printers to the King's Most Excellent Majesty; and Sold by A. Millar in the Strand. 1763.
The Center's copy bears the inscription of Edward Dymoke of Trinity College, Cambridge.

--Myron C. Noonkester

*Calamy, Benjamin. A Discourse about a Scrupulous Conscience, Preached at the Parish Church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London.  By Benjamin Calamy, D. D. One of His Majesties Chaplains in Ordinary. The Second Edition. London; Printed for Rowland Reynolds, next door to the Middle Exchange in the Strand, 1683.

**[C. 1. 28]Calvin, John. The Sermons Of M. Iohn Calvin vpon the Fifth Booke Of Moses called Deuteronomie : Faithfully Gathered Word for Word as he Preached them in Open Pulpet. London: [Pr]inted by Henry Middleton for George Bishop, 1583.

**[D. 6. 44] Chandler, James. Ministers of the Gospel, gifts of the Lord to his churches; and to be obtained by prayer A sermon preached at Newbury-Port, June 25, 1767. A fast, sanctified by the Congregational church and society there, under bereavement of their pastor. (Published at the desire of many of said society.) By James Chandler, A.M. Pastor of the West Church in Rowley. Boston, New-England : Printed by Edes & Gill, for Buckeley [i.e., Bulkeley] Emerson, of Newbury-Port, 1767.

**[X. 715] Clagett, Nicholas. A sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts at their anniversary meeting in the parish-church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday, February 18, 1736. By Nicolas Lord Bishop of St. Davids. London : Printed for J. and J. Pemberton, 1737.

*Carter, Terry G.  “The Calvinism of William Carey and Its Effect on His Mission Work.”  A paper presented at the Evangelical Theological Society, Annual Meeting.  Colorado Springs, Colorado, November, 2001.  Accessed March 17, 2015.   <> 

*Clarke, Samuel, late Rector of St. James's, Westminster.  Sermons on the Following Subjects, Viz.  Published from the Author's Manuscript, By John Clarke, D.D. Dean of Sarum.  Vol. VII.  London: Printed for W. Botham, for James and John Knapton, 1731.

**[D. 6. 44] Clarke, William. A charge and sermon : together with an introductory discourse and confession of faith delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Abraham Booth, Feb. 16, 1769, in Goodman's Fields. London : Printed for G. Keith, 1769.

*Coleman, Thomas. Memorials of the Independent Churches in Northamptonshire: with Biographical Notices of their Pastors. And Some Account of the Puritan Ministers Who Laboured in the County. By Thomas Coleman. London: John Snow, 35, Paternoster Row, 1853.

Coleman refers (p. 373) to Paulerspury as "the birth-place of the celebrated Dr. Carey, of the Baptist Mission at Serampore."

--Myron C. Noonkester

*Collier, Jay T. "Hanserd Knollys as Interpreter of Scripture: An Examination of his An Exposition of the First Chapter of the Song of Solomon," Eusebeia 5 (Autumn 2005): 5-32.

*Collinson, Patrick. "Toward a Broader Understanding of the Early Dissenting Tradition" in C. Robert Cole and Michael E. Moody, eds. Essays for Leland H. Carlson The Dissenting Tradition. Athen, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1975, pp. 3-38. 

*[Coney, Thomas] Orthodoxus. The Invalidity of Schismatical and Heretical Baptism Proved from Reason, Scripture, Councils, and Fathers. London: Printed for Staples Steare, at no. 93, in Fleet-Street, 1768.

*Confession of Faith Put Forth by the Elders and Faithful of Many Congregations of Christians (Baptized upon Profession of their Faith) in London and the Country.First Printed at London, 1688. [London?: 1791?].

*Cooper, J. J. "572. Dr. Doddridge and Colonel Gardiner." in Northamptonshire Notes and Queries (1892), 4: 43-45.

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*Cowper, William.  Poems, by William Cowper, of the Inner Temple.  Two vols.  The Sixth Edition.  London: Printed for J. Johnson, 1794, 1795.

**[D. 6. 44] Crosley, David. Samson a Type of Christ. : Being a Sermon Preached in London, July the 28th, 1691, at a Morning-lecture: upon Judges xiv. 5. ... The Second Impression. By David Crosley.  London : Printed for the author ; And sold by Mr. John Sims ; and at the Tabernacle near Moorfields, 1744.

*Dees, Jason Edwin. "The Way to True to Excellence: The Spirituality of Samuel Pearce." Ph.D. dissertation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2015 [electronic edition].

*Doddridge, Philip.  Sermons on Regeneration.  Northampton, June 13, 1745.

Ten sermons appear in this collection: I. Of the Character of the Unregenerate. Ephes. ii. 1, 2; II. Of the Nature of Regeneration, and the particularly of the Change it produces in Mens Apprehension, 2 Cor. v, 17; III. Of the Nature of Regeneration, with respect to the Change it produces in Mens Affections, Resolutions, Labours, Enjoyments and Hopes, 2 Cor. v, 17; IV. The Necessity of Regeneration, argued from the Immutable Constitution of God, John iii, 3; V. Of the Incapacity of the Unregenerate Person for relishing the Enjoyments of the Heavenly World, John iii, 3; VI. Of the Importance of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven, John iii, 3; VII. Of the Necessity of Divine Influences to produce Regeneration in the Soul, Titus iii. 5, 6; VIII.  Of the Various Methods of the Divine Operation in the Production of this Saving Change, 1 Cor. xii. 6; IX. Directions to awaken'd Sinners, Acts ix, 6; X. An Address in the Regenerate, founded on the preceding Discourses, James i. 18.

-Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

*______________.  The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul; Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses, Suited to Persons of Every Character and Circumstance; with a Devout Meditation, or Prayer, Subjoined to each Chapter. New York: The American Tract Society, 183?.

______________. The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, P. T. Jones Publishing Agent, 1843.

*Doddridge, P[hilip]. The Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Volume the First, Containing the Former Part of The History of our Lord Jesus Christ, As recorded by the Four Evangelists, Disposed in the Order of an Harmony. London: James Rivington and James Fletcher, at the Oxford Theatre; and Henry Payne, at Dryden’s Head, in Pater-noster Row, 1760.

*Doddridge, P[hilip]. The Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Volume the Second, Containing the Latter Part of The History of our Lord Jesus Christ, As recorded by the Four Evangelists, Disposed in the Order of an Harmony. London: C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J. Buckland, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, S. Crowder and Co., T. Longman, B. Law, T. Field, 1761.

*Doddridge, P[hilip].  The Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. VOL. III, Containing the Acts of the Apostles; With additional notes on The Harmony of the Evangelists;  And Two Dissertations, I. On Sir Isaac Newton's System of the Harmony; II. On the Inspiration of the New Testament.  London: J. Waugh, 1748.

______________.  The Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Volume the Third, Containing the Acts of the Apostles; with additional notes on The Harmony of the Evangelists.  And Two Dissertations, I. On Sir Isaac Newton's system of the Harmony; II. On the Inspiration of the New Testament.  The Seventh Edition.  London: T. Longman, B. Law and Son; G. G. J. and J. Robinson, R. Baldwin, R. and C. Rivington, W. Richardson, J. Mathews, S. Hayes, W. Bent, W. Goldsmith, T. Vernon, D. Ogilvy and J. Speare, J. Deighton, J. Scatcherd and J. Whitaker, and Bowles and Wack, 1792.

*Doddridge, P[hilip]. The Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Volume the Fifth: Containing the Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon. London: C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J. Buckland, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, S. Crowder and Co., T. Longman, B. Law, T. Field, and H. Payne and W. Cropley, 1761.

*Doddridge, P[hilip]. The Family Expositor: or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament: with Critical Notes; and a Practical Improvement of each Section. Volume the Sixth: Containing the Epistles of, Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews, James, 1-2 Peter, 1, 2, 3 John, Jude, Revelation. Edited by J.Orton. London: C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J. Buckland, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, S. Crowder and Co., T. Longman, B. Law, T. Field, and H. Payne and W. Cropley, 1762.

Doddridge (1702-1751), was an evangelical dissenting minister in Northampton, England. After his death, his wife published these volumes in 1760-1762, though Doddridge originally drafted the books in 1738 (vol. I), 1740 (vol. II), and 1746-1750 (vols. V-VI).

These four volumes include paragraph-by-paragraph commentary on the New Testament, often including line-by-line exegesis. For each New Testament text, the "new Version" (e.g. Authorized Version—King James Version) is quoted alongside Doddridge’s paraphrase of the text. In the paraphrases, Doddridge italicizes quotations from the King James text. Also included for each biblical section is Doddridge’s "Improvement" discussions, which are expository and practical interpretations of the text.

Possibly, the most important material in the commentary is Doddridge’s notes, which are printed at the bottom of the page. In the notes, Doddridge cites lexical, historical, theological, and textual issues, including various patristic sources and occasional New Testament Greek manuscript differences .

Specifically related to Matt. 28:18-20, Doddridge refers to the passage as "the Commission," referring to the universal nature of the Christian message, and he insists upon "adult baptism" being the sense of the text. Also, Doddridge points out the Authorized Version’s mistranslation of Matt. 28:19, "teach all nations." Suggesting that the translation of the verb maqhteusate should not "confound" with the use of didaskonteV ("teaching") in the next verse (28:20), Doddridge renders 28:19 as "proselyte all nations." He says (Vol. II, p. 668),

(l) Proselyte all the Nations of the Earth.] The whole Tenour of the succeeding Books of the New Testament shews, that Christ designed by this Commission, that the Gospel should be preached to all Mankind without Exception, not only to Jews, but to all the idolatrous Gentiles: But the Prejudices of the Apostles led them at first to mistake the Sense, and to imagine, that it referred only to their going to preach the Gospel to the Jews among all Nations, or to those who should be willing to become Jews.—I render the Word maqhteusate, proselyte, that it may be duly distinguished from didaskonteV, teaching, (in the next Verse,) with which our Version confounds it. The former seems to import Instruction in the Essentials of Religion, which it was necessary adult Persons should know and submit to, before they could regularly be admitted to Baptism; the latter may be related to those more particular Admonitions in Regard to Christian Faith and Practice, which were built upon that Foundation.—It is certain, that no Argument can be drawn from hence to the Prejudice of Infant Baptism; for had Christ sent out these Missionaries to propagate Judaism in the World, he might have used the same Language; "Go, and proselyte all Nations, circumcising them in the Name of the God of Israel, and teaching them to observe all that Moses commanded."

--Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

*[Doddridge]. Memoirs of the Life, Character and Writings of the late Reverend Philip Doddridge, D. D. of Northampton. The Second Edition. Salop: Printed by J. Eddowes; and Sold by J. Buckland, in Pater-noster Row, London, 1766.

*[Doddridge]. "Biographical Sketch of Dr. Philip Doddridge." Scottish Christian Herald. 1 (1836): 131-136.

*Doddridge, Philip.  Three Sermons on the Evidences of the Christian Religion, To Which are Added Extracts from Several Celebrated Authors on the Same Important Subject.  Providence: Bennett Wheeler, 1789.

The respective sermons include: "Sermon I. The evidence of Christianity briefly stated, and the new Testament proved to be genuine. 2 Peter 1:16," (p. 5); "Sermon II. The Evidences of Christianity, deduced from the new Testament proved to be genuine. 2 Peter 1:16," (p. 44); "Sermon III. Additional Evidences of Christianity, and Reflections on the whole. 2 Peter 1;16," (p. 77).   Extracts from Several Celebrated Authors, on the Truth of the Christian Religion includes material from Grotius (pp. 115-119), Locke (pp. 119-120), Addison (pp. 120-122), Baron Haller (pp. 122-123), Mons. Pascal (pp. 123-124), Lord Lyttleton (pp. 124-127), Young (pp. 128-130), Beattie (pp. 130-132), White, one of the king's preachers at Whitehall ( pp. 132-136), Bishop of Landaff (pp. 136-139), and Soame Jenyns (pp. 139-143).

--Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

*Eccles, Samuel. Sixteen Sermons on Different Subjects; Most of them Preached before the University of Oxford. By Samuel Eccles, M. A. of Brazen Nose College. London: Printed by J. Meres, in the Little Old Baily, 1755.

*Edwards, Jonathan. An Account of the Life of the Late Mr. David Brainerd. 1749.

*Edwards, Jonathan. An Account of the Life of the Late Reverend Mr David Brainerd, Minister of the Gospel, Missionary to the Indians, from the Honourable Society in Scotland, for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, and Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians in New-Jersey. Who Died at Northampton in New England , October 9, 1747, in the 30th Year of His Age. Chiefly Taken from his Own Diary, and Other Private Writings, Written for his Own Use; and Now Published. Edinburgh: Printed by John Gray and Gavin Alston. For William Gray in front of the Exchange, 1765.

*Edwards, Jonathan.  The Life and Diary of David Brainerd.  With a Biographical Sketch of the Life and Work of Jonathan Edwards by Philip E. Howard, Jr.  Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1989.  

Edwards, Jonathan. An Humble Attempt to Promote Explicit Agreement and Visible Union of God’s People in Extraordinary Prayer. Northampton: T. Dicey, 1789.

*[Edwards, Jonathan]. The Holy Tendency of the Doctrine of Grace, Exemplify'd. Northampton: Printed by Tho. Dicey, [1780's?].

The Center's copy is found in a volume of rare Baptist tracts from the 1780's.

--Myron C. Noonkester

*______________. A Narrative of the Revival of Religion in New England; with Thoughts on that Revival. By Jonathan Edwards, A. M. With an Introductory Essay, by John Pye Smith, D. D. Homerton. Glasgow: Printed for William Collins; William Whyte & Co. and William Oliphant, Edinburgh; W. F. Wakeman; and Wm. Curry, Jun. and Co. Dublin; Whittaker, Treacher & Arnot; Hamilton, Adams & Co. [;] Simpkin and Marshall; Baldwin & Cradock; and Hurst, Chance, & Co. London, 1829.

_________. An Inquiry into the Modern Prevailing Notions Respecting that Freedom of the Will which is Supposed to be Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame. London: J. Duncan, 1831; Andover, N. Y.: Gould, Newman and Saxton, 1840.

*_________.  The Nature of True Virtue.  Foreword by William K. Frankena.  Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 1960.

*Estwick, Nicholas. A Learned and Godly Sermon Preached on the XIX. Day of December, Anno. Dom. MDCXXXI. at the Funerall of Mr. Robert Bolton, Batchelour in Divinity and Minister of Broughton in Northampton-shire. By Mr. Nicholas Estwick, Bachelour in Divinity and Sometimes Fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge, and Now Minister of Warkton in Northampton-shire. Revised and Somewaht Enlarged by teh Author, and Now at the Importunity of Some Friends Published. London: Printed by George Miller dwelling in Black-Friers, 1639.

*Evangelical Biography, being a Complete and Faithful Account of the Lives, Sufferings, Experiences & Happy Deaths, of Eminent Christians ~ Who have shone with Distinguished Lustre.  Vol. 1.  London: Printed for I. Stratford, 1807.

Some of the more famous biographies included are: Richard Baxter, Theodore Beza, David Brainerd, Martin Bucer, Henry Bullinger, John Bunyan, John Calvin, Miles Coverdale, William Cowper, and Thomas Cranmer.

-Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

Evans, Caleb. The Kingdom of God: A Sermon... Preached before the Bristol Education Society, August 16, 1775. Bristol: Printed and Sold by W. Pine, 1775.

*_________. Christ Crucified; or the Scripture Doctrine of the Atonement Briefly Illustrated and Defended. In Four Discourses upon that Subject. By Caleb Evans, M. A. Bristol: Printed by William Pine. Sold in London by Buckland, Button, and Reynolds; and in Bristol by Browne, Evans and Allen, James at the Circulating Library, and other Booksellers, 1789.

*Evans, C. Stephen. The Historical Christ and the Jesus of Faith: the Incarnational Narrative as History. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996.

Evans considers, in another connection, matters of implicit concern to Carey scholarship.  These include "a paradox that lies at the heart of the moral life," namely that those who are most "morally advanced" struggle with "feelings of guilt and moral inadequacy (84-86)."  He also considers the problem, well known to Carey, of whether "accidents of history and geography... decide the eternal destiny of an individual (103)."  He also concerns himself with the doctrine of election (113).

--Myron C. Noonkester 

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--Myron C. Noonkester

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Marsden suggests (315) that "exclusivist-conversionist Christianity" and "inclusivist Protestant nationalism" furthered a "revolutionary world missionary movement." Marsden discusses (330ff.) the relationship between Edwards and Brainerd.  Edwards (389) did not have a high regard for Amerindian languages, which he considered "extremely barbarous and barren."  Marsden's comments (440) on how Edwards treated theological issues concerning "free will" are valuable.

--Myron C. Noonkester

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This beautifully printed and bound set is a re-typeset edition of the first edition published in 1839 by George Virtue, London.

--Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

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In "The Pillar and Ground of Truth," (p. 10) Preston refers to "the fanaticall fancies of the Anabaptists."

--Myron C. Noonkester

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This article originally appeared in Enlightenment and Dissent XIX (2000).

--Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

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Stewart correctly contextualizes Carey into the larger eighteenth century missionary movement Stewart identifies as the "Early Protestant Transoceanic Mission."

--Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

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In this lecture, Thomas raised the issue of the relation of Carey's interest in the Christian doctrine of salvation with Carey's parallel commitment to humanitarian causes within Indian society.

 --Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

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Watson, a native of Yorkshire, earned the B.A. and M.A. from Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  He joined St. Stephens, Walbrook, London, as a lecturer in 1646, and later likely became the rector.  During the enforcement of the Act of Uniformity, 1662, Watson was ejected from the church.  He later was prosecuted for holding conventicles.  Watson kept a school in London.  Watson died in poverty and was buried in Barnston, Essex, near his father-in-law John Beadle, another ejected minister.

-Bennie R. Crockett, Jr.

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