What the Office of Student Assistance Can Do For You

Academic Advising

Many students begin their studies at William Carey University undecided on an academic major or definite career path. Student Support Services offers guidance in selection of core courses to those students as well as assistance in assessing interests and talent which might assist students in selecting a major field.

Students with Disabilities

William Carey University is dedicated to providing services for students with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  In order to receive services, the student must self-report his/her disability to Mrs. Brenda Waldrip in the Office of Student Services.  She can be reached at (601) 318-6188.   In addition, the student must provide documentary evidence regarding the disability.  It is the goal of the university to assist disabled students with all necessary and appropriate accommodations in order to facilitate a full and accessible university experience.  Assistance is offered in testing accommodations, providing note takers (where applicable), and adjustments to the physical arrangement of classrooms and classroom accessibility.  In addition, disabled students are offered extensive academic counseling and academic support.  All inquiries are held strictly confidential in accordance with all federal privacy mandates.

Graduate and Professional Study

Student Support Services will track the success of all students who enter William Carey University as first generation, income eligible, or have a documented disability. We are pleased to offer guidance and assistance to those students who desire to extend their formal education into graduate or professional study.  Assistance with information about graduate programs, financial aid, and entrance examinations and processes is offered to students to pursue those goals.