wēpa is a growing cloud printing network that enables anyone with an internet connection to upload documents and then print them anywhere a wēpa kiosk is located. Additionally, the wēpa kiosk can print documents directly from a USB thumb-drive. Whether you want to print your documents using "Cloud Printing" or a USB drive, wēpa has you covered.

The university provides students on the trimester system with $3.00 in free printing during the Fall, Winter, and Spring trimesters, and students on the semester system with $4.50 in free printing during the Fall and Spring semesters.

WEPA kiosks are installed in the following locations:
Hattiesburg Campus:

  1. Fairchild Hall
  2. Smith Rouse Library
  3. Green Science
  4. Lawrence Hall
  5. McMillan Hall Lobby
  6. School of Business Second Floor Lobby
  7. Fail-Asbury Nursing Building
  8. COM Academic Building

Tradition Campus

  1. Building "A" Student Lounge
  2. Building "B" Library Rear Stair


How to print from the WEPA drivers


Download the WEPA print drivers


Print from


Tag a magnetic stripe card for fast login


Deposit funds into your WEPA account