Undergraduate Elementary Education Program


Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Classroom Management - Earned Score 0 stars

Teacher candidates will be better able to establish a productive classroom environment if the evaluations they receive during student teaching speak to specific classroom management strategies that together constitute a coherent management approach.

The program fails to meet the standard because feedback provided to student teachers does not address their ability to establish a positive learning environment and standards of behavior, how well they manage minimally disruptive student behavior or how well they manage significant student misbehavior.

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Student Teaching Internship Requirements - pg. 121-122  Link to Undergraduate Catalog

Link to Teacher Internship Assessment Instrument (TIAI) Data Analysis Report - Instructional Effectiveness and Classroom Management


EDU 436 Classroom Management (3 hours) This course provides information to help students develop proactive strategies to manage the classroom environment and student behavior.  Emphasis is placed on students' development of a personal and unique classroom management plan.  Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education.                Link to Syllabus (Hattiesburg)


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