Undergraduate Elementary Education Program


Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Common Core Elementary Content - Earned Score 2 stars

Because they cannot teach what they do not know, elementary teacher candidates need to have a solid grasp of literature and composition, American and World History, Geography and Science.  Teacher candidates should also develop some expertise outside of their professional studies, not only to enrich their own academic experience, but also to serve as a fallback major in the event that the student teaching experience is unsuccessful.

The program meets only a small part of this standard because the combination of institution and program requirements ensures sufficient coverage solely in:

  • literature and composition,

coverage is deficient in:

  • history.

There is no coverage in:

  • science.

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Undergraduate Catalog

All teacher candidates admitted to the program (2010-2013) were evaluated based on the Common Core Elementary Courses Content.  See report file below.

2010-2013 Common Core Elementary Content GPA review


Undergraduate Catalog

Common Core Elementary Content Requirements - pg. 120 Link to Undergraduate Catalog 

Undergraduate elementary education candidates must complete the following core requirements in order to be licensed in the State of Mississippi: 

  • Subject A: Literature and Composition (12 hours)

    • ENG 101 Composition,
    • ENG 102 Research and Composition
    • ENG 211 World Literature I
    • ENG 212 World Literature II
    • ENG 303 American Literature
    • ENG 369 Traditional Grammar
    • ENG 310 Creative Writing
  • Subject B: History and Geography (12 hours)

    • HIS 101 World History to 1500 and HIS 102 World History since 1500
    • or HIS 201 United States to 1865 and HIS 202 United States since 1865
    • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology or PSC 201 American Federal Government or SOC 111 Introduction to Anthropology
    • Elective: HIS 369 Introduction to World Geography, HIS 331 Mississippi, HIS 305 Civil War and Reconstruction, HIS 403 Geography of the Americas
  • Subject C: Science (11 hours with two lab courses)

    • Biology I and II with lab (4 hours)
    • Anatomy and Physiology I and II with lab (4 hours)
    • Chemistry I and II with lab (4 hours)
    • Ecology (3 hours)
    • Physical Science (3 hours)
    • Earth and Space Science (3 hours)
    • Zoo Education ( 3 hours)
  • Subject D: Fine Arts (3 hours)

    • Music Appreciation
    • Art Appreciation
  • Subject E: Mathematics (12 hours)

    • MAT 131 Algebra
    • MAT 116 Fundamental Numbers


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