Undergraduate Elementary Education Program


Spring 2013 - Program Rating - Common Core Elementary Mathematics - Earned Score 0 stars

Teacher candidates, even those who excel in math, generally require three semesters of coursework, complemented by adequate field practice in order to progress from a procedural to a conceptual understanding of the essential mathematics topics taught in the elementary grades. 

The program does not meet the standard because it requires that teacher candidates take little or no coursework designed to develop their conceptual understanding of elementary mathematics topics.  It thus fails to ensure that all essential topics are adequately covered, regardless of the design of the instruction.   

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Undergraduate Catalog

Common Core Elementary (Special Education) Mathematics Content Requirements - pg. 147-148 Link to Undergraduate Catalog

Elementary Education (Mathematics) Content Requirements - pg. 120 Link to Undergraduate Catalog



MAT 131             COLLEGE ALGEBRA         [includes all the algebra content in CCSSM through grade 8]

MAT 116             FUNDAMENTAL MATH I  [includes topics in numbers and operations and algebra]*

MAT 316             FUNDAMENTAL MATH II  [includes topics in algebra, geometry, data analysis]*

                             *See syllabi for more detailed lists of topics.


Students with lower ACT scores are given a list of approved mathematics courses and strongly urged to take additional courses from the list.  These are mostly standard 3-hour mathematics courses, but the list also includes two one-hour seminars:  MAT 109 Mathematics Seminar I [includes many mathematics topics at freshman and sophomore levels and how to use graphing calculators to enhance learning or review of these topics] and MAT 409 Senior Seminar [an overview of mathematics topics and the connections among them].

Elementary Education Degree Checklist -

  • MAT 131 College Algebra (3 hours) Linear and quadratic equations, graphs of relations and functions, systems of equations, polynomial functions, logarithmic and exponential functions. Prerequisite: Two units of high school algebra or MAT 121. Link to Syllabus - Aligned to Common Core Standards and PARCC
  • MAT 116 Fundamental Numbers I (3 hours) In this course, special attention is given to the nature of mathematics as well as to the structure and properties of the real number system.  Topics include logical reasoning, problem solving, the real number system and its subsystems; natural numbers, integers, and rational numbers. Link to Syllabus - Aligned to Common Core Standards and PARCC.
  • MAT 316 Fundamental Numbers II (3 hours) Topics will include basic concepts of geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics with an emphasis on reasoning, problem solving, and communication of mathematical ideas. Prerequisite: MAT 116 or permission of the instructor. Link to Syllabus - Aligned to Common Core Standards and PARCC
  • EDU 413 Mathematics in the Elementary School (3 hours) Methodology based on current research and practice is explored using an NCTM standards based program with an emphasis on mathematical understandings, using manipulatives, and acquiring problem solving skills. A field experience in an elementary school is a component of this course.  Prerequisites: MAT 116, 131, 316 and Admission to Teacher Education. Link to Syllabus

All courses at the university in mathematics preparation for teacher education follow the Standards of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics and the Common Core Standards.

     Mathematics National Council for Teachers of Mathematics/Common Core Standards - See Mississippi Department of Education documents for alignment to university courses.