TK20 Subscription Information for Students 

This is a great time to be at William Carey University.  The State of Mississippi and all of its institutions of higher learning are committed to advancing excellence in education on campuses and across the state’s schools.  Our research expertise and well-prepared graduates will play an even larger role in leading Mississippi’s children to excellence.  In order to achieve this goal, we must systematically and regularly assess our progress and use the data we collect to inform where we focus our efforts to improve.

To help us in this effort, we have purchased Tk20, a comprehensive system that will provide all of us with a rich set of tools to manage our growth, improve our processes, and make tasks easier.   The Tk20 system will allow you to:

  • Build your course and performance artifacts electronically online. Your artifacts will stay with you so you can use them for years - up to 7 years.  This will be a great benefit to you as you seek to advance in your education career and build your career portfolio over time.  TK20 connects to the larger world of educators across the nation.
  • Create electronic portfolios for documenting your work for presentation to faculty and prospective employers.  Many school districts now expect electronic portfolios. 
  • Have a fully documented record of artifacts from your classroom and school.
  • It is your opportunity to have a direct effect on the accreditation of your university which in turn determines the value of your diploma.

Your TK20 subscription can be purchased through the University Bookstore or directly online at under the Resource Login link/TK20. You will purchase your account upon enrollment in your first School of Education course. If you have questions about how TK20 works, just contact your TK20 Unit Administrator at You will receive details about the key assignment you will upload in the syllabus of each course you take for education. 

When your account is registered, it will take up to a couple of days to be activated as this is not an instant online account. Your log in information will be the same for all WCU systems (i.e. Indigo Portal, CANVAS, etc.).

The following is a link to the TK20 Help Center, providing comprehensive information about your TK20 account: This information is always available within TK20 by clicking on “help” at the top of the page beside the “log out” option. We do understand that a college education requires a significant investment of time and resources and we are committed to helping you achieve the greatest return on your investment. We have spent a considerable amount of time finding the best system to meet your needs and ours.