SPAM Digest Report

  1. You should go to and enter your email address.  This will prompt the filter to send you a report immediately which will allow you to release a specific email message or whitelist a specific sender to ensure that you receive all messages from the sender in the future.
  2. As for the Security Report, if you would like to receive your report more frequently than once per week you may change your subscription settings to do so. If you would like to continue receiving your report on a weekly basis, please click the link stating “If you want to receive this report regularly by email, please click here.” If you would like to receive your report more frequently, click the Change Subscription link. After clicking Change Subscription, you will be presented with your subscription settings page and should click Edit. You may configure your report however you feel necessary, but the following settings will provide optimal reporting:

    1. To receive a daily report

      1. Reporting Period: 1 day
      2. Frequency: daily
    2. To receive a weekly report

      1. Reporting period: 7 days
      2. Frequency: weekly
  3. Please pay close attention to your Hosted Email Security Report. It will notify you when it is about to expire.  When notified, please click the link provided in the report to renew your subscription.  This will ensure that you continue to receive your report in order to ensure that you do not miss any messages.