WCUCOM Professor
to Review for
Health Care
Dr. Clarke
professor of
science, has
been named
a reviewer
for the Patient
Center Oriented
Research Initiative and selected as a
member of the editorial board for the
Journal of the American Osteopathic
Association. He joined the WCUCOM
faculty in April 2010 and teaches
classes in histology and medical
biochemistry, as well as participating
in courses in physiology and
neuroscience. Dr. Millette has been
published in many scholarly journals
and publications, including Journal
of Biotechnical Research, Journal of
Cellular Biochemistry, Microscopy
and Microanalysis, and annuals of the
New York Academy of Science.
Dr. Italo
Subbarao, associate
professor of
medicine and
associate dean
of planning,
assessment, and
development for
recently named to the editorial board
for The Journal of American Osteopathic
Association (JAOA). The JAOA is the
official scientific publication of the
American Osteopathic Association, as
well as the scholarly, peer-reviewed
publication of the osteopathic medical
“It is a great honor to be on this
board,” said Dr. Subbarao. “For many
years this journal has been the scholarly
authority for osteopathic medicine. I
am deeply gratified by the opportunity
to serve in this capacity, promoting the
growth of the profession.”
Dr. Subbarao graduated from
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic
Medicine before completing a
fellowship at John Hopkins University.
His fellowship training in emergency
medicine and disaster and humanitarian
assistance led him to serve as the
director of the Public Health Readiness
Office at the American Medical
Association (AMA) Center for Public
Health Preparedness and Disaster
Response, located in Chicago, Ill.
Dr. Subbarao, who came to the
WCUCOM in 2012, is no stranger to
scholarly writing. During the tenure
of his career with AMA, he served as
deputy editor for the AMA’s publication
Disaster Medicine and Public Health
Preparedness. He has also had over
60 articles published, edited several
journals and books, and continues to
stay deeply involved in scholarship and
“I was offered the job at the
WCUCOM, and the associate dean
post was a great opportunity for me
and my family,” Dr. Subbarao said.
“Since I arrived at WCU, my focus has
been on providing the best quality of
education for our medical students
and promoting research in the field of
osteopathic medicine. As a member
of the journal’s editorial board, I look
forward to supporting the WCUCOM’s
efforts in promoting scholarly research
and expanding opportunities for growth
for this young school.”
WCUCOM Professor
Named to Editorial Board
Joshua Stake, a second-year medical
student at WCUCOM, has been
accepted as a 2013 Paul Ambrose
Scholar. He was selected for this
highly competitive and impressive
award from among a national pool of
medical students with interests in public
health and prevention. As part of the
program, Stake will attend a leadership
symposium in Washington, D.C., and
conduct a community-based health
education project. Dr. Italo Subbarao,
associate professor of medicine and
associate dean of planning, assessment,
and competency development, will
accompany him as his mentor. Stake’s
project is focused on implementing best
practices to help prevent childhood
obesity in the Hattiesburg community.
The Paul Ambrose Scholars Program
exposes health professions students to
influential public health professionals
and prepares them to be leaders in
addressing population health challenges
at the national and community level.
WCUCOM Student Named
Paul Ambrose Scholar
Spring 2013 |
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