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Member’s Paper
Published in
Academic Journal
Pam Shearer, administrative assistant
for the office for advancement and
curator of the Sarah Ellen Gillespie
Museum of Art, recently had her paper
titled “Take the Key and Lock her Up:
Symbols of Control in Gabriel García
Márquez’s ‘Big Mama’s Funeral’”
published in The Researcher: An
Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 26, No. 1.
Mrs. Shearer, who is a 2012 WCU
Master of Arts graduate, presented
the paper at the South Central
Modern Language Association annual
conference in San Antonio, Texas, in
November 2012 and at the annual
Mississippi Philological Association
Conference hosted by the William
Carey University Department of
Language and Literature in February.
Assistant Professor
Cheryl Maqueda
Receives Top Honor
Cheryl Maqueda, assistant professor of Spanish, was
recently honored as the Mississippi Foreign Language
Association (MFLA) Teacher of Excellence. She was
also re-elected as president of the Mississippi chapter
of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and
Portuguese (AATSP) in November. Mrs. Maqueda and Beth
Pierce, adjunct instructor of French, presented a workshop
entitled “Culture Sparks” at the 2012 MFLA meeting, and it
has been accepted for inclusion in the program at the 2013
AATSP Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in July.
Mrs. Maqueda also represented Mississippi at the regional South Conference on
Language Teaching held in Birmingham in March.
Dr. Mark
Malone, professor
of music, recently
presented an
session entitled
“The Mississippi
Blues Trail and
Beyond” at the
2013 Hawaii
International Conference (HUIC) of
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Convention in Honolulu in January. Dr.
Malone was chosen as a finalist at the
conference and will present his session
at the National Association for Music
Education (NAFME) Conference later
this year.
Dr. Malone’s invitation to present at
the HUIC Convention followed a juried
process in which a project description
and an abstract were submitted to a
committee of peers in a double-blind
screening. His session featured the
historical, sociological, political, and
geographical development of blues
music in Mississippi. Attendees listened
to recordings of blues musicians and
reviewed lesson-plans demonstrating
how to teach the subject to elementary
Dr. Malone currently serves as
curriculum designer for the Mississippi
Arts Commission’s Mississippi Blues
Project. The project, made possible by
a grant from the National Endowment
of the Arts, involves the production
of six blues units for fourth grade
students. In an effort to preserve the
heritage of the Magnolia State, the
blues curriculum contains the following
units: Understanding Blues Music, The
Meaning of the Blues, Cotton’s Effect on
the Blues, Transportation and the Blues,
Politics/Civil Rights and the Blues, and
Media and the Blues. All materials may
be accesssed at
Music Professor
Dr. Mark Malone Named Finalist for
Mississippi Blu es Project
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