An exhibit titled Transformation: Three Women,
the Alchemy of Friendship: Clay, Paper, and
Fiber in The Lucile Parker Art Gallery in January
featured works by artists Claudia Cartee, Barbara-
Ann Carver-Hunt, and Amanda Lovitt-Call.
William Carey University students Nancy Barnard (right) and Katy Scott (left) pose
with Chatham Meade Kemp, assistant professor of art, in front of their artwork at
the opening reception of the Senior Art Student Exhibit in April in the Lucile Parker
Art Gallery.
An exhibit titled Watercolor Revisited featured
works by artist Paula Temple in the Lucile Parker
Art Gallery in March. Pictured is artist Paula Temple
with her husband, Adrian Baron Robbins.
This work (right), titled “Adam and Eve with the
Animals,” was part of an exhibit of folk art in
fiber from the San Blas Islands titled From Eden to
Eternity: Interpretations of Bible Stories in Reversed
Embroidery from the Molas Collection of Sandra and
Bob Bowden. The molas, which traditionally form part
of the costume of a Kuna woman, were on display in
the Lucile Parker Art Gallery in October.
Michael Patrick, 3, plays with
one of the toys crafted by Harry
Griffith, a professional toymaker
and owner of Woodstock Toys
in Columbia, Miss., during the
opening reception for an exhibit
displaying the toys at the Sarah
Ellen Gillespie Museum of Art in
Spring 2013 |
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