omecoming weekend brought approximately
400 alumni back to campus on April 11-13.
The festivities opened with a Tatum Theatre
production of Tartuffe on Thursday. From athletic
events to a crawfish festival, the weekend offered a
myriad of activities for alumni to enjoy the nostalgia
of campus life. Former homecoming queens
returned to be recognized at the homecoming
court presentation, and former yearbook and
Cobbler staffs met to celebrate their reunion. Friday
noon ushered in a delightful gathering of alumni
celebrating the 50th anniversary of their graduation
fromWCU, while honoring the memory of Dr. Andy
Tate, dean of men from 1953-1957, with a Legacy
of Leadership presentation. On Friday evening, five
distinguished alumni were inducted into the WCU
Alumni Hall of Fame, after which a performance of
Music, Music, Music was held in Smith Auditorium.
Saturday reunions included the African American
Cultural Society Alumni Chapter, the Winters
School of Music alumni, and the Cobbler and
Crusader staff. The character brunch, crawfish
festival, baseball, soccer, poetry read, and batting
contest offered alumni and students the opportunity
to enjoy a day of family fun. The homecoming
celebration concluded with a banquet honoring
eight outstanding alumni who were inducted into
the WCU Sports Hall of Fame.
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