The William Carey University
College of Osteopathic Medicine
(WCUCOM) Student Osteopathic
Medical Association (SOMA) is
participating in a new volunteer project:
leading residents of the Wesley Manor
Retirement Community of Hattiesburg
in an exercise program. Twice a month,
WCUCOM SOMA members lead
residents through a 30-minute routine.
In October, Greta Gania, the
community relations and volunteer
projects committee chairman for
SOMA, worked with Dr. Jessica
Taylor, human physiology professor at
WCUCOM, to develop a regimen that
targets cardiovascular conditioning,
vestibular balance training and muscle
strengthening. The Wesley Manor
exercise program is a 30-minute circuit
and is led by SOMA members who are
supervised by a Mississippi licensed
physician from the WCUCOM faulty.
Since the program’s inception, five
WCUCOM faculty members have joined
more than 20 rotating SOMA members
to lead an average of 12 Wesley Manor
residents through the upbeat routine.
“We are so pleased to have
WCUCOM students host an exercise
class for our residents,” said Linda
Eaton, social director for the Wesley
Manor Retirement Community.
Several of the residents who attend
regularly said that since they know
the routine there is no reason for them
not to do it every day. They enjoy the
camaraderie of their neighbors, friends,
and students, and the class makes
exercising much more fun.
William Carey University received an award from the
American Heart Association for making Mississippi a
healthier place. Executive Vice-President Dr. Scott Hummel,
pictured with Student Activities Director Emily Sheckells,
accepted the award on behalf of a group of students who
raised $9,000 for the American Heart Association.
“William Carey is very proud to be associated with the
American Heart Association,” Dr. Hummel said. “We raised
nearly $9,000 this past year, and we’re very pleased with
that, but not pleased enough. We’re going to beat it next
The American Heart Association of Hattiesburg’s goal
is to educate citizens about the benefits of living a heart
healthy lifestyle.
WCUCOM Students
Volunteer at Wesley Manor
WCU Honored
by the American
Heart Association
Ser vice
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