To Friends and Supporters of Carey:
As I write this letter, I have just come from the last of four May graduation
ceremonies in which we graduated a record 755 students. To think of all those
young people going out into the world with a foundation influenced by the
Christian values that we hold at Carey is a source of gratification. With the
erosion of the values that made this nation great, it is important for institutions
like William Carey to insist on honesty, integrity, faith, and commitment.
I am so pleased with the progress that we have made in the past year. Students and
faculty have received recognition far beyond what one would expect of a small
private school. I am so proud of the student body, faculty, staff, and trustees who
are committed to providing a quality education within a Christian environment.
We are nearing completion of three capital projects. The renovation of the
community landmark at the corner of Tuscan Avenue and Cherry Street will be
complete by the end of May. Upgrades to the soccer complex and expansion of
the Jack Jones Field House will be completed in early June. The new women’s
residence hall will be completed for occupancy in August. When you read
this, we will have broken ground on the chapel and an addition to the medical
complex. We expect to accept bids on a new business building by the end of the
summer and anticipate breaking ground on a new gym by early fall. All of these
accomplishments are possible because of the faithfulness of our supporters.
Our greatest need is to increase our endowment, which will allow us to continue
offering scholarships to prospective students. A short time ago, I had a visit from a
Carey alumnus who is employed by the Baptist International Mission Board. Before
leaving he said, “When I was a student here, in my last semester I came up short
of funds, and the school found $400 to help me pay my bill so I could go on and
graduate. Now I want to pay that back,” and he handed me a check for $400. I thought
about the impact it would make if every Carey alumnus who received financial
support while at Carey would “pay back” by contributing to the endowment so that
we can continue to provide financial support for students of today and the future.
Our theme this year has been “Let Us Move on to Maturity,” and in many ways,
our students, and indeed, the institution, have grown intellectually, physically, and
spiritually. Thank you for providing the support that has made this possible.
God bless,
Tommy King
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