William Carey University plans to break ground on four
major building projects this year. President Tommy King
said the school’s prudent use of financial resources and
continuous enrollment growth help to make these projects
possible. “Grant Guthrie [chief financial officer] and I made
the commitment some years ago that when we build a new
budget, we base it on the previous year’s enrollment, without
building in any increase,” Dr. King said. “Any increase that we
have provides unbudgeted money . . . [and] each year we’ve
allowed the money to accumulate.”
The university’s growth will also provide funds to cover the
costs of a new $2 million wing to the College of Osteopathic
Medicine. The wing will function as a new anatomy lab and
storage space. Dr. King said he expects workers to break
ground on the new wing soon.
WCU also plans to break ground in the fall on a new $12
million gymnasium, located directly south of Milton Wheeler
Field. The new gymnasium, to be funded by private bonds,
will be more than 40,000 square feet — six times larger
than the current gym, according to Bob Blevins, director of
facilities, grounds, and maintenance. Blevins added there
will be more than 3,000 seats available for sporting events —
more than tripling the current gym’s seating capacity. Access
to the gym will be established by a street linking County Drive
with the south side of campus.
Additionally, WCU has begun the construction of a chapel
adjacent to the Chain Garden on the Hattiesburg campus. The
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