Dr. Philip Turnquist, associate
professor of business on William Carey
University’s Tradition Campus, has been
named the 2013 Delta Sigma Pi lifetime
achievement honoree. Dr. Turnquist was
initiated into Delta Sigma Pi at Indiana
State University in 1987. As a professor
at several universities, he has helped
many chapters of the fraternity, earning
Chapter Advisor of the Year in 1995 and
District Director of the Year in 2002. Dr.
Turnquist will be honored at the Delta
Sigma Pi Grand Banquet on August 10,
2013, in Seattle.
Dr. Turnquist earned a B.A. in history
from Drake University and an M.B.A.
in management from the University
of South Alabama before going on to
complete his Doctorate of Business
Administration in management from
Mississippi State University. Before
embarking on his career in education,
he served two tours of duty in the U.S.
Army in the Republic of South Vietnam
from 1968-1971, earning a Bronze Star
and Army Commendation Medal as
captain. He then went on to teach at
Troy State University and Indiana State
University before coming to WCU in
In 1997, Dr. Turnquist was elected to
the first of three terms as a Delta Sigma
Pi Leadership Foundation trustee and he
was elected as a trustee emeritus after
the completion of his eligibility. In 2002,
he was recognized as Delta Sigma Pi’s
National District Director of the Year. In
2005, Dr. Turnquist continued to serve
as district director, this time for the
Gamma Tau chapter at the University of
Southern Mississippi. In addition to his
academic involvement, Dr. Turnquist
has given consistently to the Delta
Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation and has
received many recognitions including
2007 Centennial Society, 10K Club
Centennial Founder, and Centurion for
over $100,000 of lifetime giving. He
also established and personally funded
the Dr. Philip H. Turnquist Southern
Province Scholarship Fund.
Collection of
Local Stories
Sharon Schamber-Jones, instructor
of business, has published a book
titled Gordon’s Creek Anthologies: A
Compilation of Short Stories, Poetry,
and Photos. The book was published
by Gordon’s Creek Press, which Ms.
Schamber-Jones and her late husband,
Bert Schamber, created in the early
1990’s. The couple also developed a
forum, Gordon’s Creek Yacht Club, as a
platform for Hattiesburg natives to share
their stories.
“The book is a light-hearted look at
the lives of people of who grew up in
Hattiesburg, recognizing the town as a
very special place,” Ms. Schamber-Jones
said. “These adventures and stories
come from a span of over 70 years.”
Ms. Schamber-Jones, pictured
above with Sherry Laughlin, director of
libraries, began collecting stories and
writing for this book in May of 2012
and is currently collecting stories for a
second volume. The collection, which
was edited by Dr. Allison Chestnut,
professor of language and literature,
features works by Ms. Schamber-Jones
and many other local authors.
WCU Professor Named Delta Sigma Pi
Lifetime Achievement Honoree
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