Obra Quave,
emeritus of
theatre and
director of Carey
Dinner Theatre,
was recently
awarded the
2013 Mississippi
Association (MTA) Cowboy Maloney
Award by the MTA Board of Directors.
The award is presented to an
individual who has added significantly
to the successful operation of MTA
through positive image, regional
recognition, long tenure, program
establishment, and/or administrative
service. Mr. Quave was presented the
award during the MTA Theatre Festival
and Convention held at Mississippi
University for Women in Columbus,
In 2012, WCU presented a Legacy
of Learning award to Mr. Quave, who
retired from WCU in 2002 after a
42-year career as chair of the drama
and theatre department. WCU also
awarded him an honorary doctorate
in 2007.
During Mr. Quave’s tenure as
department chair, Carey theatre
received the Governor’s Award for
Excellence in the Arts, the first time
a Mississippi collegiate theatre has
received this honor. Mr. Quave
continues to direct a major production
in the WCU theatre each year, and in
2012, he helped staff the Mississippi
Theatre Festival’s Dramafest, which
hosted more than 2,000 high school
theatre students on the Hattiesburg
WCU Professor
Emeritus Obra Quave
Theatre Award
WCU Art Instructor Receives
Mississippi Art
Commission Grant
Dr. Breland Visits
Lottie Moon’s Church
in China
Dr. Read Diket, professor of art and
education and director of the Center for
Creative Scholars, has written and received
a grant from the National Art Education
Foundation. The grant will help promote
the teaching of art, encourage research
and experimentation in art education, and
cover institutes, conferences, and programs
on art education. The team, for which
she is the lead writer, has a manuscript in
process with Studies in Art Education.
Dr. Mary Beth Breland visited
Lottie Moon’s church during her
recent trip to teach at LinYi University
in China. Lottie Moon, a Southern
Baptist missionary, left her family and
friends to serve in China. Though she
faced many hardships, she impacted
the Chinese people by adopting their
customs and language while sharing
her faith. Her legacy lives on through
the annual mission’s offering collected
each year at Christmas.
Dr. Breland and her sister Rachel
Barr, who also taught in China this
past spring, were outside the church
when some congregants invited
them inside. “Choir practice was just
beginning when we went in,” said
Dr. Breland. “We sat on a back pew
and watched and listened for about
an hour. They were obviously happy
to have us there. It was an incredible
and emotional experience.”
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