Dr. Fred Luter, Jr., president of the
Southern Baptist Convention, spoke at
William Carey University’s chapel service
in Smith Auditorium in February.
Dr. Luter spoke with passion about the
importance of renewing one’s mind in
order to stand strong against temptations,
make wise decisions, and always
remember what Christ accomplished on
the cross.
Dr. Luter was elected as the Southern
Baptist Convention’s first African-American
vice president in 2011, and he made
history again when he became the SBC’s
first African-American president in 2012.
In addition to his duties as president,
Dr. Luter serves as senior pastor of the
7,000-member Franklin Avenue Baptist
Church (FABC) in his hometown of New
Orleans. Dr. Luter gave his life to the Lord
in 1977 after a serious motorcycle accident
awakened him to follow God’s calling.
Every Saturday at noon he preached to
anyone who would listen on the corner
of Galvez and Caffin Avenue until he was
invited to preach his first church sermon
in 1983 at the Law Street Baptist Church.
Soon after, he was preaching regularly at
Greater Liberty Baptist Church.
He became pastor of FABC in 1986,
and by 1989, the church had grown from
65 to over 300 members. After Hurricane
Katrina destroyed the church building in
2005, Dr. Luter set up branches of FABC
in Baton Rouge, La., and Houston, Texas,
where some of his congregation relocated.
For the three years following Katrina, Dr.
Luter rebuilt the New Orleans church. In
2008, he joyfully welcomed his members
back to their newly built sanctuary.
Dr. Luter and his wife Elizabeth have
been married for 32 years and have two
children, Chip and Kimberly.
SBC President
Dr. Fred Luter, Jr.
Speaks at Chapel
| Carey Magazine
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