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life working for the betterment
of local healthcare and the
community and currently serves
on the William Carey University
Board of Trustees. “I began my
affiliation with Carey in 1990
when I served as a member of the
Board of Trustees,” said Mr. Ray.
I am excited about the growth
of the school since that time and
happy that the Asbury Foundation
has been able to play a role in
preparing healthcare workers for
our area.”
Mr. Ray served many years at
Wesley Medical Center, where
he was instrumental in the
establishment of the Institute for
Wellness and Sports Medicine,
and continues to serve on many
boards of community foundations.
Under his leadership, the Asbury
Foundation has also provided
funding for many projects for
the University of Southern
Mississippi, including support for
building projects for the nursing
school and the DuBard School for
Language Disorders.
The Asbury Foundation of
Hattiesburg continues to be
a driving force for good at
William Carey University and
our community.
Head Campus
Asbury Foundation Board of Directors: Doris Miller, Bill
Ray, Tom Shows, Glenn Galey, Keith Hagenson, Raymond
Dearman, Harry McArthur, Jr., and George Komp, III
Asbury Foundation President and Chief
Executive Officer William K. Ray
Flag plaza at the Hattiesburg Visitors Center
made possible by funding provided by the
Asbury Foundation
In response to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ and in keeping
with our Christian heritage, the Asbury Foundation is committed to
providing financial resources and assistance for the development of a
healthy community offering a wholesome quality of life to its residents
and to improving the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the
individuals in the area we serve.”
Mission Statement, The Asbury Foundation
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