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ith the support of nearly
three million dollars for
nursing and osteopathic
medicine programs at William
Carey, the Asbury Foundation of
Hattiesburg has contributed to the
success of the medical programs
made available to our students. The
foundation also provides funding to
other higher education institutions
in the region and community
organizations that promote health
and wellbeing. Recently, funding
was provided by the foundation to
the Hattiesburg Visitors Center for
the installation of a flag plaza, which
displays the Carey flag among the
United States flag, the Hattiesburg
flag, the University of Southern
Mississippi flag, the flag of Camp
Shelby, and flags from each branch
of the military.
In 2000, the Asbury Foundation
awarded Carey a grant for the
construction of Fail-Asbury Hall, the
building which houses the Joseph
and Nancy Fail School of Nursing.
Then in 2007, another grant was
awarded for nursing to expand by
enhancing learning technology and
adding additional classrooms and
lab space. “The Asbury Foundation,
through its very generous support,
has allowed us to advance new
programs to meet the needs of the
community we serve,” said Dr. Janet
Williams, dean of the Joseph and
Nancy Fail School of Nursing. “This
support is vital to the provision of
health care within our changing
population and economic times. 
We look forward to a long and
productive partnership with the
Asbury Foundation to continue
to meet the evolving needs of our
When the University decided
to establish the state’s second
medical school, the Asbury
Foundation came forward to
support Carey and help make the
William Carey University College
of Osteopathic Medicine possible.
The foundation supplemented
the dean’s salary for the first two
years as WCUCOM was in the
infant stages and then provided a
large grant for the construction of
the Asbury Administrative Center,
which contains the offices of the
WCUCOM deans, administrative
staff, and faculty.
At the helm of the Asbury
Foundation is President and Chief
Executive Officer William K. Ray,
a man who has spent much of his
Asbury Foundation
William Carey University
front row, left to right) Dr. Hugh Dickens, chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Everett Roark, assistant professor of biological sciences and
microbiology, Dr. Tommy King, president, William K. Ray, president and chief executive officer of the Asbury Foundation, Dr. Darrell Lovins,
dean of WCUCOM, and Jason DeFatta, a second year WCUCOM student and president of WCUCOM Student Government Association,
perform the official ribbon cutting for the Asbury Administrative Center September 14, 2011.
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