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Dr. Lorie Watkins Fulton,
associate professor of English,
attended the biannual Society for
the Study of Southern Literature
Conference in Nashville, Tenn.,
March 29-31. The conference
theme was “Anniversaries.” Dr.
Fulton, along with Sherita Johnson
and Kate Cochran from the
University of Southern Mississippi,
presented a panel entitled, “Off
the Written Path: Hiking Southern
Literary Trails.” Dr. Fulton who
was chair of the panel, presented
her paper, “Around the State in
Thirty Days: In Defense of the
Scholarly Literary Pilgrimage.” Dr.
Fulton was named as the 2011
Mississippi Humanities Teacher of
the Year for WCU.
Dr. Lorie
Dr. Garry Breland, vice-
president for academic affairs,
had his first book, entitled
Whole Cloth: Sacred Stories
in Verse,” published by Fields
Publishing, Inc., Nashville,
Tenn. All 42 poems are based
on biblical themes from both
the Old and New Testament,
with special emphasis on the
Nativity and the Beatitudes,
the set of teachings by Jesus
that appear in the Gospels of
Matthew and Luke.
Dr. Robert Bateman, professor
of biochemistry for WCUCOM,
received the Dudley F. Peeler
Outstanding Contributions to the
Mississippi Academy of Sciences
MAS) Award at the 76th annual
meeting at the Hattiesburg Lake
Terrace Convention Center
February 23-24. Dr. Bateman
has served as MAS division chair
and president and previously
received the MAS Outstanding
Contributions Award in 2001.
Dr. Robert
Dr. Garry
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