Page 2 - Spring 2012

Dear Friend of Carey:
We have just completed the most successful year in our history. As
with many private church institutions, our path has been marked
with difficulty. Since our humble beginnings as Pearl River Boarding
School in 1892, our physical facilities were destroyed by fire on two
occasions, the school delayed opening due to a hurricane in 1906,
and our campuses were nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in
War and financial exigency also closed the campus on two
occasions, but we have not given up.
This year has been marked by record enrollments, new programs,
academic achievements of faculty and students, and victories for
our Lord. I could cover pages with our achievements, but they are
recorded elsewhere in this magazine. The most heartening news that
I can share with you is that we have had 15 students make first-time
commitments to Christ in Fellowship of Christian Athletes services,
and an additional 21 students have given their lives to the Lord as
a result of Baptist Student Union activities and ministries. We have
truly fulfilled our motto for the year:“Transformed by the renewing of
your mind.”
The best years are still ahead. We need your continued support to
provide faculty, facilities and programs to meet the needs of our
students in years to come. Thank you for your faithfulness. What we
do here is worthy of your support. I know we can count on you.
God Bless,
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