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Convention in D.C.
William Carey University College
of Osteopathic Medicine’s Student
Osteopathic Medical Association
SOMA) chapter was recently
recognized as Most Politically
Active Chapter and was awarded
the “SOMA Sam” award at the
SOMA Spring Convention in
Washington, D.C., March 8-11.
The “SOMA Sam” award is a
foot-tall statue of Uncle Sam that
is given to the SOMA chapter that
has shown a great deal of interest
and active participation in current
political affairs, as regarded by the
National SOMA Director of Political
Affairs and its appointed committee.
The WCUCOM was awarded
this honor based on the students’
interest in the current political
environment as it pertains to
healthcare, efforts on the local level
to inform our members of policy
and political affairs, participation
in policy discussion with National
SOMA, and commitment to author
resolutions and constitutional
amendments for National SOMA
House of Delegates proceedings.
Since we are from a newly
established SOMA chapter and
medical school, we were thrilled
to be recognized for our efforts to
increase political awareness and
involvement,” said Kruti Patel, a
second-year Osteopathic Medical
Student (OMS II) and SOMA
Political Committee co-chair.
WCUCOM’s American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians (ACOP) student chapter won Best New Club of the
Year at the 2012 ACOP Spring Conference in Memphis, Tenn., March 23-25. 
Second-year students Dabi Chung of Atlanta, president
of WCUCOM’s ACOP chapter, and Harriet Crockett of
Greenville, vice president, established the organization in
April 2011. “As soon as we formed the organization, we hit
the road running with service activities,” said Chung. “In one
year, we were able to establish ourselves and help children
in the community through a number of service activities.”
The WCUCOM’s chapter of ACOP currently works with
the Hattiesburg Boys and Girls Club, encouraging the
children to exercise and eat healthy. They also participated
in March of Dimes, held fundraisers to help tornado victims,
and participated in fundraisers to benefit the Ronald
McDonald House and other pediatric cancer centers.
These students in the ACOP put together a very dynamic
organization in a very short period of time,” said Dr. John
Jones, chair of osteopathic principles and practice, professor
of family medicine, and ACOP advisor. “Winning this award
is great for us because it helps put the WCUCOM and
Mississippi on the map with other osteopathic schools.”
Officers for ACOP are (left to right, front row) Dabi
Chung of Atlanta, Brittany McClure of Hattiesburg,
Cavatina Pham of Houston, Texas, (left to right, back
row) Aishwarya Raju of Sugarland, Texas, Harriet
Crockett of Greenville, Kate Brady of Dellwood, Minn.,
and Naila Rashid of New Orleans.
The 2011-2012 officers for the
WCUCOM SOMA organization
are (left to right) Lauren Brown of
Hattiesburg, Hope Harris of Newton,
Rachel Gooch of Buffalo, N.Y.,
Cavatina Pham of Houston, Texas,
Brandon Fordham of Jackson, Tenn.,
and Kate Brady of Dellwood, Minn.
WCUCOM SOMAWins Award at
National Award
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