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William Carey
University inducted
seven former athletes into
the Sports Hall of Fame
during the second annual
dinner on April 21. The
inductees were Junior
Broome (’71) of Petal,
baseball; Billy Crosby
of Bossier City, La.,
baseball and football;
Bob Cuccaro (’62) of
Long Beach, baseball
and basketball; E.W. Foy
of Osyka, basketball;
Ronnie Harrington (’78)
of Hattiesburg,
baseball; Tangela Jones
Hawthorne (’94) of
Moselle, basketball; and
Dr. Bill Payne (’57) of
Madison, baseball and
basketball. Dr. Tommy
King also presented a
plaque of recognition
to Dawn O’Keefe, the
daughter-in-law of the
late Coach John O’Keefe
who was baseball and
basketball coach at WCU
from 1956-1970.
Coach Steve Knight,
athletic director and
men’s basketball
coach, presented the
inductees with a crystal
award. Following the
presentation of inductees,
Coach Knight presented
Coach Bobby Halford,
baseball coach at
Carey, with a plaque
commemorating Coach
Halford’s career 900th
win. Also participating
in the ceremony was
Coach Scotty Fletcher,
assistant men’s basketball
coach and Fellowship
of Christian Athletes
coordinator; Dr. Frank
Baugh, chairman, athletics
committee;  and Dr. Scott
Hummel, vice president
for advancement.
Co-sponsors of the event
were Hayward Anderson,
Dave Bush, Ted Cannon,
John Clearman, Steve
Moore, Wayne Ross, and
Jim Smith.
Mississippi Woman’s College
Nearly a century after it was engraved, Louise Hearst’s
Mississippi Woman’s College class ring has found
its way home to William Carey University. Last July, Reed
Banjanin, an electronics technician for AT&T and a scuba
diver, found the gold ring at a cave entrance about 25 feet
below the surface of a spring in Longwood, Fla.
In nearly perfect condition, the inscription on the
inside of the ring reads Louise Hearst. Her name was
later changed to
Louise Entzminger
when she married.
Hearst’s husband’s
family was from
Seminole County,
and it is believed
that she lost the
class ring while
visiting them and
swimming in the
I’m a strong believer in Christianity, and I just
don’t believe in concidences,” Banjanin said. “I think
everything happens for a reason. I think God brought
me to find the relative of the owner of that ring.” With
the help of a website called, he located
her relatives and eventually
tracked down her grandson John
Entzminger in Virginia.
Through much prayer and
consideration, Entzminger, the
owner of a private consulting
business in Oakton, Va., decided
to return the ring to William
Carey University in honor of his
grandmother. On April 20, John
Entzminger and his wife Nancy,
along with Reed Banjanin,
traveled to Hattiesburg and
presented the ring to Dr. Tommy
King at the annual alumni
banquet. The ring is a treasured
keepsake as a symbol of the era
of Mississippi Woman’s College.
Ca r e y
Seven Former Athletes
Inducted into the
Sports Hall of Fame
L-R) Dr. Tommy King, Reed Banjanin, and
John Entzminger during the presentation
of the ring at the alumni banquet
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