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Head Campus
During the spring 2012 trimester, WCU
students, faculty, and staff, along with
area pastors and church leaders, gathered
weekly on the Hattiesburg Campus to learn
about strategic local church involvement
in world missions from Dr. Jerry Rankin,
former president of the International Mission
Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Dr. Rankin taught a class during the spring
trimester using
Paradigms in Conflict: 10 Key
Questions in Christian Missions Today
Empowering Kingdom Growth: To the Ends
of the Earth, Churches Fulfilling the Great
In addition to the for-credit class, Dr.
Rankin also taught
Impact Your World: To
the Ends of the Earth, Churches Fulfilling the
Great Commission
on Wednesday mornings.
The participants of both classes learned not
only why local churches must be involved
in taking the gospel to the ends of the earth
but also learned how local churches can
participate in God’s mission of taking the
gospel to all people.
In his teachings, Dr. Rankin emphasized
the importance of missionaries who devote
a lifetime to living incarnationally among
a people group and also the key role that
short-term missionaries play in the God-sized
task of the Great Commission. Participants
learned about strategies such as prayer-
walking, Chronological Bible Storying,
humanitarian projects, church-planting
without creating dependency, and keeping
the church focused on missions.
Missions Teachings from
Dr. Jerry Rankin
To celebrate the 250
birthday of William Carey, the
Student Government Association
sponsored a Festival of Flowers
on April 4-5. To recognize
William Carey’s work in botany,
WCU students, faculty, and staff
gathered flowers and greenery
that were placed in campus
buildings and around the base
of the William Carey statue
located in front of the Sarah
Gillespie Museum of Art.
Carey founded the Agri-
Horticultural Society of India
in 1820 and the annual flower
show, still the largest in India,
in 1828.  Also, in Paulerspury,
England, where Carey was born,
the village church hosts a flower
festival annually and this year
incorporated the WCU insignia
into the floral arrangements.
Festival of Flowers
Culmination of Carey 250
| Carey Magazine