The William Carey University
College of Osteopathic Medicine
held the annual White Coat
Ceremony for the third medical
school class, class of 2016, on
Saturday, August 11, in Smith
Auditorium. An open house with
tours of the medical buildings and
reception followed. The White Coat
Ceremony officially welcomed
the 108 new medical students, the
majority of whom are from or have
ties to the Gulf-South U.S., to the
osteopathic medical profession.
During the ceremony, each
student was ceremonially “cloaked”
with a white medical coat before
taking the osteopathic oath of
commitment in front of faculty
members, family and guests. This
meaningful ritual symbolizes the
students’ promise to accept the
fundamental obligations in the
practice of osteopathic medicine:
to be excellent in science, to be
compassionate, and to lead lives of
uprightness and honor.
The first class of medical students,
the class of 2013, has begun
clinical rotations. Working in local
organizations and under supervision
of WCUCOM faculty, the medical
students will complete the required
two-year rotation period before
Dr. James Turner, associate dean of the
WCUCOM, recites the Osteopathic Oath
with the incoming students.
White Coat
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