Melanie Taylor ‘11
Robert and Krystal Taylor
Harvey Dean and Diane Taylor
Baron and Beverly ‘70 Thames
The Dance Studio
The Kitchen Table
The Vineyard
Bailey Thomas
Brenda Thomas
Margaret Thomas ‘86
Danza Thomason
Barbara Thompson ‘72
Thompson Gas, LLC
Allen ‘06 and Kristel ‘06 Thrash
Scott ‘01 and Cindy Thresher
Terrell and Martha Tisdale
Emerson ‘06 and Ginger ‘99
James Travis
Kearney Travis
Triple M Motors
Doris Tullos
Bob Turnage ‘56
JimTurner ‘76
John and June ‘59 Tyson
U.S. District Court Southern
District, Mississippi Library
University Baptist Church of
V.A. Sauls, Inc.
Donald and Kathy Vail
Patricia Valadez
Edmund VanBrunt
Robert and Mary VanCleave
Jim ‘77 and Brenda VanFossan
Trina Vaughn ‘04
Judy Vick ‘65
Anastasia Vogel
Christopher Waddell
Mike ‘71 and Judy ‘70 Wade
Brenda Waldrip ‘79
Nancy Walker ‘85
Felder and Gloria Wallace
Leon and Tammye Wallace
Haughey and Tommie Wallace
Jim ‘62 and Betty ‘64 Walters
Scott ‘99 and Kathy Walters
Shiao Wang ‘76
Tommy and Marcella Ward
Constance Warren ‘97
Lorie Watkins
Harold and Audrey ‘56 Watts
Robert and Liesa Weaver
Katherine Webster ‘54
Carlton Welborn
Stephanie Welborn
Sharon Welch
Kelsey Wells
Susan Wells
Dan ‘65 and Rachel ‘65 West
David and Wanda ‘93 West-
Steven and Lillie Wheeler
Buddy Wiggins ‘70
James ‘84 and Susie Wiley
Albert Williams ‘09
Bob and Tracy ‘93 Williams
Clay and Alexis Williams
Don ‘71 and Nancy ‘73 Williams
Grady Williams
Lucretia Williams
Mark ‘85 and Maria Williams
Ney Williams
Norris Williams
Tracy Williams
Josh Wilson
Krissy Wilson
Sonny ‘62 and June ‘61 Windham
Nancy Wingo-Caffey
Ricky and Melinda ‘74 Winstead
Dewey Wise ‘82
WLS, Inc.
Kenneth and Diane Woods
Steve and Beverly Woods
Alan ‘69 and Frances ‘90
Jonathan Woolfolk
Chris Wooten
Juruthin Woullard ‘78
Charlotte Yandell
D.E. and Diane Yandell
Travis and Catherine Yates
Bennett York
Talal Younes
John ‘55 and Shirley Young
Pat Yuen
Joe Zanza
Gifts In Kind
Jack Rogers
MMI Hotel Group and Dining
Commercial Stationery
Barbara Hamilton ‘58
John and Penny Kochtitzky
Pepper Beckman
Brenda Waldrip ‘79
The Weldon Memorial
Dr. Edwin Weldon founded
The Weldon Memorial
Scholarship in memory of
his late wife and father. The
scholarship was awarded to
Alisha Keys (not pictured),
a business administration
major from Petal.
The Kathy Webb Randolph Student Missions
Endowment Scholarship
Kathy Webb Randolph (center) poses with recipients of The Kathy Webb Randolph Student
Missions Endowment Scholarship. The scholarship helps defray the cost of short-term mission
trips. The recipients pictured are (L-R) Joshua Weaver, a religion major from Hattiesburg; Camille
Weaver, a religion major from Hattiesburg; Rachel Brown, a psychology major from Saltillo; and
Alyssa Bond, a history major from Perkinston.
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(638 donors)
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