Nancy Reeves
Naaman Renard
Willa-Ann Renard
Carey Revels
Clyde ‘90 and Allie Mae Reves
Buddy Reynolds
Jimmy Rhodus
Elvin and Neda Richards
Harry Richardson ‘04
Mark and Beth Richmond
River Region Medical Center
Joe and Margaret ‘65 Rives
Randy and Glenda Rives
Douglas Roberts ‘11
Joy Roberts
Rebecca Roberts
John ‘71 and Alice Robinson
Lanny and Susan ‘76 Robinson
Val ‘71 and Janette ‘70 Robinson
Eddie and Lana Rodgers
David ‘67 and Mary Rogers
Dorotheann Rogers
Robert and Joyce ‘56 Rogers
Tim and Joy Rouse
Kelly Rowell ‘10
Otis and Betsy Rowell
Becky Runnels
Gail Russell ‘65
Greg Rustin
Safe Harbor United Methodist
Eduardo and Geneva Salas
Victoria Salas
Salem Baptist Church of Collins
Susan Sanders
Ralph Sanford ‘90
Bernadette Santos
Kristen Satcher
Lauren Satcher
Mark and Tania Saucier
Rowena Saucier ‘81
Connie Scarborough
Michelle Scarborough
Christoph Schaefer ‘08
Don ‘74 and Georgette Schroyer
Becky Scott ‘54
Walter and Brenda Scott
William ‘75 and Elizabeth Seal
Margie Seale ‘52
James and Sonya ’12 Seals
Larry and Delaine Seamon
Servicemaster Cleaning
Kevin ‘80 and Pamela ‘12 Shearer
Darryl Shelton ‘74
Al ‘68 and Susan Sherbert
Ronnie and Glenda ‘67 Shivers
DeDe Shows ‘89
Gary ‘71 and Nancy Shows
Richard ‘94 and Julie Shrubb
Larry ‘69 and Jackie ‘66 Shrum
Jack and Ardith Shultz
Bobby and Phyllis Shumans
Donald ‘02 and Lauren Shurden
T.G. Shurden
Karen Sicard
Rick Sieger ‘79
Carmen Simmons
Errol ‘61 and Mary ‘61 Simmons
Ralph Simmons
Mikki Simpson ‘64
Mary Lou Sims
Doug and Lynn Singletary
Sirianni Automotive Services
Karen Sisk
Wynona Sleeth
Robert ‘89 and Cathy Sloan
Ann Smith
Brent ‘04 and Meagan ‘05 Smith
J. Lavon and Delois Smith
Elvin ‘60 and Irma ‘60 Smith
Fulton and Mary ‘64 Smith
Kendall Smith ‘04
John and Linda Smith
Matt ‘04 and Beth Ann ‘04 Smith
Pauline Smith
Anthony and Cynthia Smith
Maya Sokolowski ‘11
Camil Soldridge ‘57
Everett ‘93 and Rosie Sorrells
Schweta Rai Sotang
Florent Sourice ‘07
Paul ‘62 and Judy ‘63 Sousa
South Central Regional Medical
Jerry Spann ‘91
J. Keith Speed
Bobby and Anna ‘69 Stafford
Christopher and Katie ‘10 Stafford
Kevan Stanley ‘79
Patricia Staples
Farrell ‘69 and Carol Stearns
Mark and Lynda Steele
Larry and Nolena ‘80 Stephens
Forrest ‘72 and Barbara Stevenson
Gene ‘68 and Darlene Stewart
David and Louise ‘95 Stewart
Jimbo ‘04 and Audrea ‘04 Stewart
Robbie Stewart
Ron ‘60 and Shelby ‘60 Stewart
William* and Frances ‘87 Stewart
Stephen and Colleen Stewart
Mike ‘90 and Deborah Stiles
Martin ‘76 and Emma Stires
Ray ‘55 and Jean Strebeck
Adrian ‘07 and Merrily Strickland
Danny ‘76 and Linda Stringer
Steve ‘98 and Lorrie ‘89 Stringer
Jim Stroo
Robert Stutz ‘77
Jim ‘83 and Lisa ‘84 Sudeiha
Cynthia Sullivan ‘98
Garland and Sally Sullivan
Jack and Sandra ‘11 Sullivan
John ‘68 and Jennette ‘68 Sumner
David and Phyllis ‘02 Sumrall
Jean Sumrall
Sweet Peppers Deli
Avis Switzer ‘92
Lee ‘66 and Faye Swope
Fred* and Mary Tatum
Aline Taylor ‘79
J. T. ‘58 and Claire Taylor
Jessie and Ollie ‘81 Taylor
Johnnie and Karen ‘06 Taylor
Larry ‘63 and Beth ‘63 Taylor
The Julia Crisp Waddle Endowed Scholarship
Recipients of The Julia CrispWaddle Endowed Scholarship pose withDr. BenjaminWaddle, who founded
the scholarship inmemory of his wife. The recipients pictured are (L-R) Jeanette Necaise, an elementary
educationmajor fromSaucier; Vivian Parker, an elementary educationmajor fromVancleave; Evelyn Bush,
an elementary educationmajor fromLeakesville; Courtney Slade, an elementary educationmajor from
Brooklyn; andWalter JordanHamilton, a physical educationmajor fromLaurel.
William Carey
| Carey Magazine
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