Lyn Linton
Louis ‘72 and Adrianne Linton
John Little
Robert Little
Quitman ‘09 and Jeannie ‘97
Janine Loftus
Renee Lott
Louisiana Council of
Administrators in Nursing
Cliff and Diane ‘66 Love
Chris Lovely ‘02
Van and Mary Lowry
Aubrey Lucas
Shirley Lui
Marc Lux
Mike and Lisa Madaris
Richard ‘56 and Roberta Madden
Betty Magee ‘79
John V. and Pauline ‘61 Magee
Magnolia Regional Health Center
Lois Mahaffey
Virachai and Rommanee ‘76
Sammy and Julia Mansell
Daniel Maqueda
Matt Marcusson
Gerald and Terri Marfisi
B.J. and Jerry Martin
Taylor Martin
Victor and Estelle ‘74 Martin
Perry ‘60 and Evelyn Massey
Tim ‘95 and Cathy ‘10 Matheny
Michael and Linda Matthews
Justin Mauldin
Randy and Deborah ‘87 Mauldin
George and Cathy May
William and Cherri Mayo
Richard Mays
Norma McCaleb
April McCay ‘12
Marketa McCoy ‘12
Cameron McEsta
Dorothy McEwen ‘78
Kermit ‘78 and Phyllis McGregor
Bernice McIntosh ‘56
John McLemore ‘72
Lindy McLeod ‘79
Arnold and Janet ‘64 McLin
Ronald ‘76 and Ellie McMorris
Haley McMullan
John and Martha McNeil
Faye McNeill
Judi McQueen ‘09
Jerry ‘73 and Jackie ‘70 McRaney
Patrick and Charlotte McShea
Gregory ‘80 and Teri Medenwald
Bobby and Sandra Meeler
Charlie ‘66 and Arluin ‘76 Mercer
Gary Merchant ‘82
Elizabeth Merritt
Harold ‘80 and Dee Ann Merritt
Lloyd ‘74 and Judith Merritt
James ‘69 and Toby Messer
Tony and Sue Ellen Messick
Nancy Metts
Thomas Miller
Walt ‘01 and Jamie ‘04 Miller
Mississippi Economic Council
Eddie ‘74 and Charlene Mitchell
Todd and Sheila ‘76 Mitchell
Jeffrey Mixon ‘09
Jerry ‘98 and Kandee Molaison
Amanda Monk ‘12
James and Debbie Monroe
Donald ‘73 and Lorraine Moody
Earnest Moore ‘75
Howard ‘58 and Selena ‘76
Lloyd ‘56 and Elaine Moore
Gene ‘74 and Jimmie Lou Moore
Steven and Deborah Moore
Moore’s Pharmacy
Brooke Morgan
Josh and Bettye Morris
Tim Morris ‘09
Charles* ‘75 and Jean ‘71
Kevin Mulvihill ‘01
Bart and Melanie Munlin
Billy Murphy ‘67
Slater ‘79 and Marsha Murphy
Susie Murphy ‘85
Jimmy and Florence Myers
Betty Nail
Woody and Rosie ‘63 Nail
Walterine Nelson ‘11
Thomas New ‘67
New Zion Baptist Church of
Chad Newell
Tan and Amy ‘10 Nguyen
Tony Nguyen ‘11
Clifford Nicholson, II ‘08
Mark Nicovich ‘96
Mary Nicovich ‘81
Charles and Sharon ‘08 Nilges
Eden Nitcher
Faustin Niyishobora ‘12
Ralph* and Naomi Noonkester
Joyce Norris ‘69
James Odair
Trent Odom ‘10
Tom and Dolores O’Mary
David and Sara Ann Owen
Danny ‘00 and Kane Owens
Susan Owens ‘05
Ina Pace
Bill ‘55 and Betty Page
Palmer Insurance Agency, LLC
Basil Parker ‘08
J.V. and Mary Parker
Paul ‘76 and Lois ‘79 Parker
Ronnie ‘69 and Beth ‘73 Parker
Howard Patrick ‘05
Mike and Kathy ‘73 Patrick
Burl ‘60 and Patsy Patterson
Robert and Wanda Patterson
McKay ‘92 and Melissa Pearce
Mary Beth Pearson
Susan Peart ‘70
Sandra Peebles
Steve ‘68 and Sharon ‘69 Peirce
Kenneth and Charlotte ‘62
Chad Pennington
Peoples Bank of the South
Richard and Gwen ‘67 Perkins
Randall ‘73 and Debbie ‘82 Perry
Petal Rotary Club
Tim ‘77 and Hattie Phalen
Charles and Nellie Phillips
Reginald and Dorothy ‘66 Phillips
Mary Philpot
Anna Pickett ‘04
Jimmy Pierce ‘91
Helen Pigott ‘80
Pineview Baptist Church of
Mike and Eileen Pink
Fred and Brenda ‘98 Pittman
T.L. and Peggy Pittman
Joshua ‘09 and Kathryn Platt
Walter and Dolores Pol
John and Jan Polk
Sparkle Polk
Richard and Peggy Posey
Randle Poss ‘56
Henry ‘61 and Elaine Postma
Elizabeth Postma ‘64
Reese Powell
Margaret Powers ‘92
John and Paula Prine
Prentiss Pritchard
Peggy Probst
Promotional Marketing
Barbara Pruitt ‘70
Bobby and Jeannie ‘09 Pruitt
Martha Pursley
Larry and Dale ‘65 Rainey
Kevin and Susan ‘79 Randolph
Mark ‘79 and Angela Rathel
Thomas and Charmaine Rauch
Kayla Ray ‘12
Bill and Chalie Ray
R.G. Rayburn
Greg and Janet Read
Demetria Reed ‘76
Dennis Reese
The John W. and
Emma Rawls Story
Memorial Scholarship
Hayley Ward, a nursing
major from Petal and
recipient of The John W. and
Emma Rawls Story Memorial
Scholarship, poses with her
grandfather, Mr. Sam Green.
Dr. and Mrs. L.E. Green
established the scholarship
to honor the memory of
Mrs. Green’s parents.
William Carey
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