James and Joan Harper
Torrey Harriel ‘12
Jim ‘70 and June ‘70 Harrington
Ronnie ‘78 and Georgia ‘78
Nawasa Harris ‘12
Ollie Harris ‘12
Randall and Janeil Harris
Price ‘63 and Ann Harris
Stan ‘82 and Lauren Harris
Bradford Harrison ‘01
James Harrison
Joe ‘86 and Eddie Hart
David and Diane Hartman
Hattiesburg School District
Tammy Hawkins
Geoffrey ‘03 and Valerie ‘03
Jim and Martha ‘53 Hayes
Melanie Hayes
Josh Haymes
Johnny Ray and Flora ‘75
Heidelberg Pump & Supply
Company, Inc.
Dennis and Irene Heikkila
Austin Hembree
George and Janice ‘67 Hendricks
Stan ‘77 and Brenda Henson
Mara Herrera
Earline Herrin
Barry Herring
Charles and Debra Herring
Christal Hill ‘10
Paul and Jeanette ‘62 Hill
Shalonda Hill ‘12
Catherine Hillman ‘62
Jack and Iris ‘59 Hilton
Juliet Hinton ‘99
Mollie Hinton ‘61
Robbie Hitt ‘92
Gene and DeBeth ‘90 Hodges
Paul and Barbara Hoffman
Nissa Hogue ‘95
Wendy Hogue ‘98
Erin Holifield
Robert and Katherine Holliman
Larry Holmes ‘83
Rachelle Holston ‘02
Bobby ‘63 and Sue ‘63 Hood
Al ‘85 and Ruth Hopkins
Lynne Houston
Dan ‘76 and Marsha ‘77 Howard
Paul Howayeck
John Dell Hucabee ‘62
Cynthia Hudson ‘99
Norman ‘75 and Jan Huggins
Paul ‘79 and Cathy ‘79 Hughes
Jim Humphries ‘63
Jessie Hunter
Neal Huskison
If I Foundation, In God We Trust
Immanuel Baptist Church of
Deborah Ireland Thomas
Melanie Isham ‘80
David Jackson
Richard and Valerie ‘74 Jackson
Robert Jackson
Gwen James
Michael and Alicia ‘09 Jarrell
Robert and Patricia Jefcoat
Milt ‘83 and Sandra Jenkins
Jenkins Tile Company, Inc.
JLG Firestation, LLC
Charles and Luberta ‘81 Johnson
H.E. ‘56 and Dorothy Johnson
Kristy Johnson
Michael ‘97 and Jennifer ‘95
Nelda Johnson
Raymond and Beverly Johnson
Robert and Josephine ‘04 Johnson
Sylvia Johnson
William and Janet Johnson
Joe and Mary Johnston
Frank Jones ‘62
Joseph Jones ‘12
Pam Jones
Edward and Nancy ‘82 Jones-
Toney Keeler ‘12
Howard Keever
David and Jo Kelley
Candace Kelly ‘12
Ryan and Jennifer Kelly
Neil Kelly
Dwight Kendall
Katherine Kendall ‘12
Byron Smith and Nancy ‘65 Kent
Myssa Keyes
Buddy ‘86 and Jackie Keyes
Phil ‘82 and Penny ‘83 Kimrey
Edwin and Milly ‘77 King
Luke and Janie King
Richard and Debra Ann King
Samuel ‘73 and Doris King
King’s Daughters Medical Center
Frank ‘83 and Sharon Kirksey
Amanda Knesal ‘03
Chuck and Cindy Knight
Lois Knight ‘91
Robert and Gayle Knight
Jaime Knowles-Youngblood ‘86
Jessica La Rue
Glen and Flo ‘69 Lacina
Anthony ‘72 and Sharon Ladner
Christy Ladner ‘06
Alfred and Bonita ‘65 Laird
Amanda Laird ‘01
Donald Lancaster ‘74
Buddy and Susan Lofton ‘91
David Langley ‘90
Darren and Judy ‘12 Lanyon
David ‘55 and Jeanette ‘51
Richard and Barbara ‘75 Lasley
Sonia Laster ‘11
Reginald Lawrence ‘12
Wes ‘77 and Janet Lawson
Frank ‘65 and Margaret ‘69 Lay
Gemma Layfield
David and Demaris Lee
David ‘71 and Sherry ‘71 Lee
Tony Lee ‘05
Larry ‘71 and Amanda LeFlore
Timothy ‘75 and Christine ‘75
Lenny’s Subshop of Hattiesburg
Anna Lett ‘08
Mike and Dianne ‘01 Lewis
The Don H. and Mona D. Stewart Scholarship
Matthew Diehl, a church music major from Biloxi, poses with Dr.
Don and Mrs. Mona Stewart. The Stewarts established The Don
H. and Mona D. Stewart Scholarship to provide assistance to a
senior ministerial student.
The Dr. O. Errol and Mary Ishee Simmons
Endowed Scholarship
(L-R) Dwight Kendall, a theatre major from McIntosh, Ala., poses
with Dr. O. Errol Simmons and Mrs. Mary Ishee Simmons after
being recognized for receiving The Dr. O. Errol and Mary Ishee
Simmons Endowed Scholarship, which provides support for
students who lived on the mission field.
| Carey Magazine
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