Pat ‘74 and Mary Campbell
Jerry ‘73 and Dorothy Canady
Bill and Ann Canty
Carmen ‘79 and Ginny ‘78
Emmett and Suzanne Carden
Ben ‘68 and Etta ‘67 Carlisle
Joe ‘56 and Nadine Carmichael
Mike Carpenter
Keith and April Carrico
Wordie ‘69 and Donnie ‘69
Courtney Carter
Crystal Carter ‘09
Martha Carter ‘04
Carterville Baptist Church of Petal
Wendy Carver
Sylvia Caver ‘08
Cedar Grove Baptist Church of
Ignacio Cerda
Pam Chambliss
Heather Chandler ‘11
Bruce Chaplin ‘10
Diane Chapman
Rachel Charpie
Tyler Cheramie ‘12
Allison Chestnut
Marc and Helen ‘74 Chetta
Warren and Mary Lynn ‘70
Chevron Humankind Matching
Gift Program
Donald ‘98 and Josephine
Brittani Clark ‘12
Brittany Clark ‘12
Robert Clark ‘11
Clarksdale Family Practice, Inc.
Clay’s Print Shop, Inc.
Clearpoint Consulting Engineers,
Loretta Clissold
Coastal Marine Equipment
Amber Cochran
John and Jennifer Cochran
Staci Cockrell ‘94
Daniel Coelho
Judy Coelho
Steven Coker ‘02
Coldwell Banker
Janis Cole
Jimmy ‘63 and Pauline ‘63
Natalie Colle
Jerryl Collins ‘04
Natalie Colon ‘07
Richard and Esther Colpitts
Commercial Stationery Company,
Lillian Compton ‘75
Dennis and Claudia Conklin
Tommy Conway
Landon ‘69 and Carolyn Cooke
Alex and Marilyn Cooksey
Chad Cooley ‘09
Roy ‘72 and Joan Cordle
Charles ‘68 and Louise ‘68 Couey
Carey ‘61 and Joyce ‘62
Zach Courtney
Covington-Jeff Davis Baptist
Bobbie Cowart
Rita Cox Schritter
Wallace ‘08 and Martha ‘10 Cox
James Craig
Cranford’s Drug Store, Inc.
Cathy Creel
Francisco Crespo
Diane Crews ‘68
Ed and Jean Crockett
Ta-Tanisha Crockrum
Ronald ‘77 and Shirley Crooker
Crossfire Softball
Terry Dale ‘03 and Pam ‘03 Cruse
Sudie Culpepper
Curry Livestock, LLC
Ann Dale
Bill and Margaret ‘91 Dane
Julie Daniel ‘85
Madalene Daniell
Isaiah Dantzler, Jr. ‘06
Josephine D’Arpa ‘60
Eddie ‘78 and Babs Davidson
Donald and Jo Laurin ‘73 Davis
Michael and Sharon Davis
Pat and Gail ‘78 Davis
Teresa Davis ‘94
Betty Deardorff ‘66
Tina Dedeaux ‘12
Deep South Truck and Equipment
Sales, Inc.
Wilson and Carol ‘82 Defore
Michael and Barbara Demmer
Richard and Debra ‘81
Hardy and Joanne Denham
Jim and Bobbie ‘56 Denham
Robin Dennis
Everett and Genevieve ‘50
Dependable Lawn Service
Dale and Debra ‘08 Diaz
Billy Dickens
Matthew and Lisa ‘04 Dickens
Robin and Sharon Dickens
Susan Dickey ‘84
Edward ‘65 and Linda Dickson
Sylvia Dietz
David ‘75 and Brenda Diggs
Ed and Read Diket
Brandon Dillon ‘03
Shelia Dillon ‘90
Dixie Baptist Church of
Chris Dixon
George Dixon
The Loustalot Endowed Scholarship &
The Barbara and Jackie Hamilton Endowed
(L-R) Alisha Austin, an elementary education major from
Zachary, La., poses with Barbara Loustalot Hamilton after being
recognized for receiving The Loustalot Endowed Scholarship
that Hamilton and Margie Loustalot Myrick established with
their siblings, Diana Loustalot and Fleetwood Loustalot, Jr., in
honor of their mother. Tyler Golson (not pictured), a religion
major from Hattiesburg, received The Barbara and Jackie
Hamilton Endowed Scholarship, established to support a
married student entering the ministry.
The Cynthia Lynne
Dillon Memorial
(L-R) Brandon Dillon, assistant
director of admissions and
student programs, poses for
a photo with Joshua Moore,
a religion major fromMoss
Point, after Moore was
recognized for receiving
The Cynthia Lynne Dillon
Memorial Scholarship. This
scholarship was established
in 2009 by Brandon Dillon
to honor the memory of his
mother and her life of service
and Christian character.
William Carey
| Carey Magazine
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