he School of Education at
Carey now offers the Doctor
of Education (Ed.D.) in
Higher Education Administration.
This program prepares candidates
to be successful leaders in
postsecondary institutions through
visionary planning, strategic
utilization of resources, effective
management and leadership, and
practical application of research.
The Ed.D. program coursework
covers a variety of aspects related
to research and leadership
in higher education. Courses
are designed to look at the
peculiarities and challenges of
leading an institution as it relates
to legal, political, and ethical
implications of education, as well
as how educational organizations
are structured and designed to
maximize students’ achievements.
Carey’s first doctorate in
education and the many other
accomplishments of the education
department are directly linked to
the program’s solid foundation
laid many years ago. Dr. Walter
Butler, the first dean of the school
of education at William Carey
and author of A Mansion in Glory
Land, recently recounted his time
serving as dean at Carey. “We
published the first education
catalog, established the Council
on Teacher Education, reorganized
our programs and introduced new
and different ways of recruiting
new students at both the graduate
and undergraduate levels,” said
Dr. Butler, who served in many
leadership and professorial
capacities at Carey in addition to
his deanship. “I was very proud of
what we were able to accomplish.”
Dr. Butler, as well as other past
leaders in education at Carey,
contributed greatly to the success
of the education program at WCU.
For more information about
the Ed.D. in Higher Education
Administration, please contact Dr.
Jalynn Roberts, assistant professor
of education and coordinator of
the program in higher education,
at 601-318-6778 or jroberts@
Dr. Walter Butler, former dean of the
school of education at WCU, recently
published a book entitled A Mansion in
Glory Land.
WCU is proud to now offer
the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
in Nursing Education and
Administration, a terminal degree
designed to prepare nurse scholars as
nurse educators and administrators.
Learning to use sound educational
concepts, principles, and knowledge,
graduates will be prepared for the
educator role in order to develop
undergraduate and graduate
nursing students who will be able
to contribute to the health and well-
being of diverse populations across
the lifespan. Graduates of the Ph.D.
program will also be able to rise
through the administrative ranks and
assume leadership and upper level
management roles in healthcare
“We are proud of our doctoral
program for its new and innovative
teaching methods, its high standards,
and most of all for the way it meets
the needs of our nursing community,”
said Dr. Janet Williams, school of
nursing dean and professor. “Student
response has been amazing.”
The program is designed to
coordinate with the busy lives of
practicing nurses. For example, much
of the course material is completed
in an online environment with
limited face-to-face meetings, which
are scheduled a year in advance.
Also, practicum experiences may be
scheduled near the student’s home
following faculty approval, and the
dissertation process is scheduled in
the program of study and guided
throughout by the faculty.
For more information about
admissions requirements and program
details, contact
Dr. Marilyn Cooksey,
professor and associate dean of
graduate programs, at 601-318-6478
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