William Carey
Up to $499
Dee Abbott
Brooke Abney ‘11
Anthony Achee
Landon Adams
Randy and Tamara Adams
Sonny ‘62 and Jean ‘63 Adkins
Tommy Adkins ‘74
Santanna Agee ‘09
Carley Alexander ‘12
Richard and Sarah ‘58 Alford
Michael Alicondro
Donna Allen
Jeff Allen
Dick and Jane Allison
Charles and Leatrice Ambrose
Allen and Paula Anderson
Dayna Anderson
Hayward Anderson
Anderson Retail, Inc.
Jeff and Reagan Andrews
Terry and Annette ‘76 Andrus
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Benefactor
David and Kimberley ‘98 Armour
Jim Armstrong
Doug and Phyllis Armstrong
David and Anita ‘96 Arnold
Michael and Katie ‘11 Arnold
John Arrington ‘75
Becky Askew
Marsha Austill ‘75
Dick and Marjorie Avery
B & B Distributing Company
B & B Oil Well Service Company
Charles ‘77 and Amanda Babin
Kim Bailey ‘04
Carol Baker
Josh Baker
Charles and Elva Baldwin
Erinne Ball ‘09
Joe Ball ‘07
Bill ‘05 and Lisa Bane
William Banks ‘08
Charles and Sara ‘59 Barber
Nathan ‘67 and Pat ‘67 Barber
Luke ‘05 and Meg ‘03 Barnes
Paul and Lynn ‘10 Barnes
Zeleder Barnes ‘82
Shelby Barrett
Christopher and Larissa ‘05 Bass
Paul and Tara Baudean
Frank ‘97 and Courtney ‘98
BB&T Capital Markets
J. Stephen Beam
John Bearry ‘74
Rick Beebe ‘10
Derek Belk
Connie Benedict
George ‘64 and Jo Ann ‘63 Berger
Susan Best
Deborah Beverly ‘67
William Biddy
Donnie and Sue ‘71 Black
Bob Black ‘82
Gary Blackwell
Don ‘69 and Connie ‘69 Blair
Stephanie Blanchard ‘09
Michael and Cheryl Blay
Bob Blevins
Lenny ‘65 and Judy ‘66 Bolton
Allen ‘08 and Melissa ‘07 Bonner
Joe and Fay ‘62 Boothe
Mark ‘88 and Suzan ‘82 Bounds
Laine Bourdene ‘12
Sean and Summers ‘00 Boutwell
Cory Boyte
M.D. and Mary Brackman
Gavin Bradshaw ‘94
Bill ‘72 and Lynne ‘72 Brady
Melanie Brady ‘12
Patrick Brady ‘05
Keith and Carol Branning
Monica Braxton ‘08
Brazos Kennels
Andrew Breland ‘09
Wesley Breland
Valerie Bridgeforth
Chad ‘93 and Amy Bridges
Linda Bridges ‘98
Bennett ‘64 and Carol Britt
Patricia Brock
David and Jane Brockway
Billy ‘92 and Shari Brown
Carl and Mary Ann Brown
Edward M.W. and Glenda Brown
Elizabeth Brown ‘73
Hannah Brown
Jerry Brown ‘67
Oliver and Carol Brown
Daniel and Felicia ‘07 Browning
Glen and Betty ‘81 Bryant
Nancy Bryant
James and Margaret Buck
Ida Bullman
Greg ‘78 and Mary ‘79 Bullock
David Burckel
Lacy Burk
Jared ‘04 and Melissa Burns
Sarah Burrus ‘60
Regena Burton ‘11
Jack and Sue Bush
Joyce Butto
Byond Marketing & Entertainment
Group, LLC
Mary Jo Byrd-Cantrell
C Spire
C.H. Wilkinson Physician
Daniel ‘85 and Brenda Caldwell
Jolie Caldwell
Calvary Baptist Church of Valley
Center, Kan.
Calvary Baptist Church of
Westley Cameron
Anna Camp ‘73
Amanda Campbell ‘10
Mary Campbell
The Josephine D’Arpa
(L-R) Josephine D’Arpa,
retired professor of music
in the Winters School of
Music at WCU, poses with
Christopher Groat, a church
music major from Ocean
Springs, who was awarded
The Josephine D’Arpa
The O.L. Quave Theatre Award &
The Shannon Robert Scholarship
(L-R) Recipient of The O.L. Quave Theatre Award, Zachary
Lancaster, a theatre major from Carriere, and recipient of The
Shannon Robert Scholarship, Ben Salters, a theatre major
from Ocean Springs, are pictured with John Clearman, who
established the scholarships.
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