Anonymous Benefactor
Bob and Sally Bade
Charles J. Brown
Dave Bush
Elma Cameron
Allison Chestnut
John Clearman
David and Darlene Duck Cook
Randolph Delk*
Joseph diBenedetto*
Robert and Linda Donnell
Daniel and Lori Edney
Audrey Fontnote
Robert and Margaret Lou Gillespie*
Sarah Gillespie*
Lottie Thompson Grafton*
Mary Emily Story Green*
Zach T. Hederman*
Leland and Dona Ruth Hogan
Paul Arledge Howell*
Reginald D. Johnson*
Larry* and Sarah Kennedy
Tommy and Sandra King
Cloyd and Doris McClung
John and Shelia McInnis
Joel McKenzie
Ladell Covington Miller*
Mary Morton
Lewis and Margie Myrick
J. Lindsey and Jacqueline Ellen
Cliburn Nimmons
Elsie Emma Parker
Mary W. Perlman*
Barnes and Sandra Sharitt
Errol and Mary Simmons
Julia Simmons
Don and Mona Stewart
James Thompson*
Milton and Donna Wheeler
Dee Zell
The William Carey University Covenant Society supports the
university through deferred gifts and bequests. If you have included WCU in
your estate planning or would like additional information, please contact
Dr. Scott Hummel in the Office for Advancement at 601-318-6497.
Covenant Society
Mississippi Baptists
Thank you, Mississippi
Baptists, for your support
th rough th e Mississippi
Baptist Cooperative Program,
wh ich pro vided $2,286,312 in
support of William Carey
University in 2011-2012.
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