they talked about their lives back
home and how the churches were
different in America from those in
England. At that lunch, the attendees
honored the girls’ country by
respecting the American flag and
listening in hushed reverence to the
words of the American National
The purpose of the trip was to
build relationships, so in addition
to the church and social outreach
ministries, the students visited weekly
home groups set up by Carey Baptist
Church to foster spiritual growth
among parishioners. “Some of my
favorite times in England were when
we went to the home groups,” said
Rachel. “The closeness I felt toward
those sitting around that room was
inspiring. It is so great to feel the
greatness and power of God and how
He reaches across the ocean to draw
people together.”
The Gamstons offered some
sightseeing opportunities for the
students, including a visit to Althorp,
the home of the late Princess
Diana. The students also had a
once-in-a-lifetime experience as
they witnessed the Olympic torch
being carried through the streets of
“I loved the month I spent in
England!” said Jennifer. “It was
an amazing opportunity to learn
about the culture and see how
God moves in different parts of the
world. My favorite part was meeting
other students and getting to build
relationships with Christians in a
different place. I made friends that
I will remember the rest of my life
and also grew to know the Lord in a
deeper way.”
Rachel, Abby, and Jennifer
followed in the steps of the namesake
of William Carey University by going
to the very church where he once
pastored. It was his mission in life
to bring the Gospel to those who
needed to hear it. Being a missionary
happens wherever you are, whether
it’s in India, England, or Mississippi.
Carey Baptist Church in Moulton,
Northamptonshire in England.
Kids from the Boy’s Brigades and Girl’s Brigades
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