Three William Carey University
juniors, Abigail Good, Jennifer
Hartline, and Rachel Brown,
committed a month of their summer
break to live with Carey Baptist
Church Pastor David Gamston
and his wife, Beth, in Moulton,
Northamptonshire, England. The
WCU students traveled to Moulton
to both serve at the church in any
way possible and begin a partnership
between William Carey University
and Carey Baptist Church.
Carey Baptist Church was not
founded by William Carey, but was
given the name in his honor. William
Carey moved to Moulton in 1785
and was asked to be the pastor the
next year. He became the pastor at a
time when the church was in serious
decline. During his time pastoring,
the church experienced such growth
that the building had to be expanded.
Carey moved to Leicester in 1789,
and a few years later went on to help
found the Baptist Missionary Society.
Later, he went to India where he
remained until his death about 30
years later.
The ministries that Jennifer, Abby,
and Rachel were involved in within
the church were varied. The three
girls participated in the worship
service by reading Scriptures, praying,
setting the order of worship, leading
children’s church, and speaking
about their lives. Every week, the
Boy’s Brigade and the Girl’s Brigade,
which are similar to Boy and Girl
Scouts of America, would meet at
the church, and the WCU students
taught the boys and girls about Jesus
and discipline. Every Thursday, the
church had a program called Toddle
Inn where mothers would bring in
their babies to the church, which
had been set up as a toddler’s dream,
and the mothers were given the
opportunity to discuss matters related
to motherhood. “[This outreach]
allowed us to form relationships
with many of the kids in the village
as well as the mothers,” said Abby.
“It is amazing how many heartfelt
conversations you can have over play
dough and cars!”
On the Fourth of July, the girls
spoke at the parish church in the
village at a luncheon. While there,
William Carey University
Carey Baptist Church in England
The “manse” the girls
lived in for a month.
Jennifer Hartline, Rachel Brown,
and Abigail Good
Ser vice
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