s a way of recognizing the service of employees, Carey has initiated
the Legacy of Learning program to honor faculty members who
have made significant contributions to the university.  The Legacy of
Leadership provides the same recognition for administrators and other non-
faculty employees.  Past and/or current employees may be recommended
by alumni and a committee will be chosen to plan and promote the
recognitions, which includes the placement of a legacy stone in appropriate
locations around campus.  In order to be recognized, a minimum of $1,000
must be raised to pay the expenses of the stone and installation.  Any funds
in excess of $1,000 that are raised will go into a legacy scholarship fund
in the honoree’s name.  If you are interested in recommending someone
and are willing to serve on a committee, please contact Dr. Scott Hummel,
vice president for advancement and church relations at 601-318-6497 or
. We are currently looking for a committee of
former students from the ‘60s and ‘70s who would help with recognition for
former Baptist Student Union Director Jewel Hannah.
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