During the 2012-2013 Faculty and
Staff General Assembly on August
23, nearly 50 new faculty and staff
members were welcomed into the
William Carey University family.
With the installation of new programs
and a record-breaking enrollment
for the 2012-13 academic year,
Carey is excited to welcome these
new faces to our campuses. The
new staff members and new faculty
bring excellent education and work
experiences that will allow Carey
to continue to be a leader in quality
Welcom es
New Faculty
and Staff
New faculty members are
(front row, left to right)
LaRue Hatten, Dr. Bobbie Loveless, Dr. Karen
Cherry-Freeman, Dr. Dee White, Dr. Walter Cooper, Dr. Mary Beth Breland, (
second row, left to
Dr. Alison Davis, Dr. Sharon Hutchinson, Dr. Jennifer Hotzman, Dr. Marsha Newman, Dr.
Tanisha Hayes,
(back row, left to right)
Wes Dykes, Dr. Jim Pierce, Dr. Beth Longernecker, Dr. Kim
Moon, Dr. Brett Golson, and Dr. Italo Subbarao.
New staff members are
(front row, left to right)
Jerica Jones, Corneshia
Hicks, Vivian Clark,
C.J. Symanski, Lucille
Rankins, Kim Keys,
(second row, left to
Sharessa Parker,
Nancy Bosarge, Edward
Chatman, Kelsey Johnson,
Joann Harvison,
row, left to right)
Parrish, Dick Vogel,
Susan Warner, Dr. Arnold
(fourth row,
left to right)
Linda Kivlan,
Sarah Hernandez, Steve
London, Tim Slade,
(fifth row, left to right)
Karen Golson, Tiffany
Smith, Caleb Crabtree,
Nick Holland,
row, left to right)
Holmes, Jarrod Odom,
Aaron Bolling, Josh
Willis, Brandon Wright,
Jeff Mixon, and Max
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