C. Noonkester and Dr. Lila D.
Noonkester. Dr. Myron Noonkester
serves as dean of The Ralph and
Naomi Noonkester School of Arts and
At the time of his death, Dr.
Noonkester was still active at Carey,
serving as an adjunct professor of
religion. Beloved by faculty, staff, and
students, he was often seen visiting on
“So many Carey alumni were here
during the Noonkester era. We all
recall him with much affection and
respect, respect for his determination
to take the small struggling woman’s
college and make it an educational
institution second to none,” said
President Dr. Tommy King.  “His many
years of ‘expecting’ and ‘attempting’
formed the foundation for all that
William Carey University is today. 
Our prayers are with Naomi and
Myron, Lila, and their families.”
RIGHT: Dr. and Mrs. Noonkester and family
are pictured with Vermester Bester, one of
the first African-American students to attend
William Carey, and her family.
RIGHT: Dr. and Mrs.
Noonkester with (L-R)
Pulitzer prize-winning author
Eudora Welty, wildflower and
portrait artist Lucile Parker,
and internationally acclaimed
opera star Leontyne Price,
each of whom received
honorary doctorates from
William Carey during the 75
anniversary celebration in
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