School Staff and Faculty

School of Education


Joseph Hartfield

Instructor of Physical Education

June Hornsby

Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching
(601) 318-6140

Jeannie Lockley

Professor of Education
(601) 318-6611

Willie Pierce

Professor of Higher Education Administration
(601) 318-6085

Ben Waddle

Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
(601) 318-6186

Tina Bond

Administrative Assistant to the School of Education
(601) 318-6091

Nigel Boulton

Head Coach, Men's Soccer
(601) 318-6401

Craig Fletcher

Assistant Coach, Softball
(601) 318-6617

Earline Herrin

Administrative Assistant to the School of Education
(601) 318-6139

Cynthia Smith

Secretary to the School of Education
(601) 318-6600

Benjamin Burnett

Dean of Education
(601) 318-6144

Steve Knight

Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Director of Intercollegiate Athletics; Head Coach, Men's Basketball
(601) 318-6415


Peggy Gossage

Instructor of Education and Regional Librarian on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1890

Darlene Emile

Administrative Assistant for the Education Department
(228) 702-1842