School Counseling Concentration

60 semester hours required

Common Core (27 hours)
COU 507        Human Growth and Development
COU 508        Counseling Theories
COU 571        Social and Cultural Diversity
COU 602        Lifestyle and Career Development
COU 603        Professional Orientation, Foundations, and Ethical Practice
COU 621        Research Design and Evaluation
COU 627        School-Based Assessment
COU 664        Group Counseling
COU 668        Counseling Skills

Required (24 hours)
COU 577        Leadership and Administration in School Counseling
COU 650        Collaboration and Consultation
COU 692        Practicum in School Counseling (3 hours)
COU 694        Internship in School Counseling (6-12 hours)
PSY 651          Psychological Statistics
PSY 641          Crisis Counseling
PSY 651          Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Elective Courses (9 hours)
COU 635        Diagnosis
COU 626        Clinical-Based Assessment
COU 681        Patient-Centered Behavioral Healthcare
PSY 576          Psychopharmacology
PSY 578          Advanced Studies in Addiction
PSY 640          Principles of Christian Counseling
PSY 642          Marriage and Family Counseling
PSY 665          Behavior Management
PSY 676          Individual Assessment: Wechsler Scales
PSY 677          Individual Assessment: Stanford-Binet
PSY 678          Individual Assessment: Personality
PSY 682          Counseling with Children and Adolescents
PSY 683          Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy
PSY 684          Adventure-Based Counseling with Children and Adolescents
PSY 686          Consensus Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution
______            Elective course chosen with advisor
______            Elective course chosen with advisor