Psychology Major


Students majoring in Psychology work toward the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Psychology Majors must complete the University’s core curriculum requirements plus 35 credit hours in psychology including the following courses:

Course Number                     Course Title   
PSY 201                                   General Psychology
PSY 204                                   Educational Psychology
PSY 327                                   Counseling Psychology
PSY 351                                   Introduction to Psychological Statistics*
PSY 410                                   Abnormal Psychology
PSY 430                                   History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 441                                   Experimental Psychology*
PSY 480                                   Practicum in Psychology
PSY 497                                   Internship in Psychology
PSY                                          Psychology Elective
PSY                                          Psychology Elective

*Denotes a 4 credit hour laboratory course.

A minor is required for the Psychology degree. Students have several options from which to select a minor. Given that the fastest growing segment of the population in the United States is individuals 60 years of age and above, many psychology students elect to pursue a minor in Gerontology.

The minor in Gerontology consists of the following 18 hours:

Course Number                     Course Title               
GER 370                                  Introduction to Gerontology
GER 371                                  Social Aspects of Aging
GER 372                                  Psychological Aspects of Aging
GER 373                                  Physiology / Health Aspects of Aging
GER 374                                  Introduction to Case Management
GER 497                                  Internship in Gerontology


** Upon admission to the psychology program, a student must review the requirements outlined in the current Undergraduate Catalog and meet with her/his assigned faculty advisor to develop a degree plan. All applications for degree must be approved by the faculty advisor and Chair of Psychology. Official degree applications can be obtained from the Registrar.